General Information

Purdue Travel

Purdue Travel is responsible for maintaining University travel regulations, providing training support and establishing discounted rates with preferred travel partners.

Contact Purdue Travel for guidance if a situation arises that is not specifically covered in the regulations.

Purdue Travel and Expense Tool

Concur is the University's tool for travel reservation and expense reimbursement process. Routing all travel related expenses through a single system provides the following benefits to Purdue:

  • Simplify the travel and expense process. Alerts employees of potential regulation compliance issues during the booking request process; Purdue Visa Travel Card expenses appear automatically in the expense report system for selection, saving time and preventing data entry errors; allows electronic submission and approval of expense reports. 

  • Provide security and safety. Natural disasters can affect travel. Purdue needs to know where employees are at any given time, and specifically to help manage risks in the midst of a potential crisis. Having employees book travel through a single source provides visibility and ease to locate travelers in the event of an emergency.

  • Establish preferred partnerships and rates. By routing all reservations through a single tool, Purdue can establish a complete picture of the University travel spending. This helps the University negotiate preferred partnerships with airlines, hotels and other travel companies, which leads to better rates and services.