Cash Advances

Cash advances for faculty, staff and graduate student staff are available to reduce incurred, out-of-pocket expenses associated with business travel. Faculty, staff and graduate student staff may request cash advances subject to the limitations defined below.

Please see the Travel Card webpage for eligibility requirements to receive a Purdue Travel Card. If a cash advance is needed and you do not have a Travel Card, consult your business office.

If the travel is part of a research project, the cash advance should be obtained through a Project Advance. Detail instructions for a Project Advance can be located in the Requesting a Project Advance-Funding QRC (Docx).


Travel cash advances should only be requested for the following circumstances:

  • Out-of-pocket travel expenses for graduate students whose departments have restricted the issuance of the Visa Travel Card
  • Out of pocket expenses for any employee for travel to a country with a cash-based economy
    • For travelers who have been issued a Visa Travel Card, cash advances will not be issued for denominations less $500. Advances less than $500 should be acquired through an ATM with a Visa Travel Card 2-3 days before the trip.
    • Maximum cash advance will be determined by the need of the above. An itemized estimate is required to be attached to the Trip Request.
  • When funding is limited to a specific amount per travel event
    • These cash advances will also be required to be reconciled through the Concur Travel and Expense system.

NOTE: Travelers who have un-reconciled cash advances for prior trips will not be issued more cash
until the open advances are reconciled and submitted on an Expense Report. 

Travel cash advances should not be requested through the Concur system for the following reasons:

  • To reimburse an employee who has pre-paid travel expenses on a personal credit card
  • For any expenses that can be paid with a Visa Travel Card (i.e. airfare, registration, fixed meals,
    hotel), unless traveling to a country with a cash-based economy
  • Research Project costs (These should be requested using a Research Project Advance)

Travel cash advances must be requested and issued through the Concur Travel and Expense system

  • Cash advances are requested using the Trip Request function in Concur
  • Trip Requests and cash advances require fiscal approval and will be facilitated through the Concur workflow
  • Cash advances are issued 2-3 days before the start date of the trip, regardless of when the request
    is made
  • The funds are electronically deposited in the traveler’s bank account (e.g. the same bank account that is used for payroll)

Reconciliation and Repayment of the Cash Advance

  • Cash advances that are processed through the Concur system are centrally funded and should be reconciled within 30 days of the end of the trip
  • Expenses are reconciled on an Expense Report in Concur upon completion of the trip
  • Travelers are personally responsible for any unused portion of the cash advance
  • Excess travel cash advances will be collected through payroll deduction
  • Any amount that is greater than 25% of the traveler’s net pay will be divided into payments
  • For detailed instructions, review the Cash Advance in Concur Travel and Expense QRC