Business Travel with Personal Time Included

If travel includes personal expenses, or part of the travel dates include personal time or destinations, travelers must exercise special care not to seek reimbursement for expenses that are or could be construed as personal.

  • University funds cannot be used to pay for or reimburse personal expenses.
  • When a traveler combines personal and business travel, regardless of the type of transportation used and lodging, the amount reimbursed will be limited to the costs directly related to the point(s) of business.
  • When personal and business are combined, cost comparison guidelines must be followed.
  • Airfare
    • If the stay at a business location is extended either prior to or after the business mission (no more than 3 days), the entire ticket may be reimbursed.
  • Lodging
    • Any additional days lodging beyond the business dates is considered personal and is not reimbursable.
    • If a family member or other non-business related person stays in the room with the traveler, any additional charges incurred should be deducted (marked as personal).
  • Fixed Meal Allowance
  • Fixed meal allowance is paid to staff while traveling on official business. It is not paid for personal days.
  • Any personal days listed on the expense report must be excluded.
  • Transportation
    • Parking expense at the airport and hotels must be reduced for personal day expenses.
    • Taxi and shuttle expenses during personal days are not reimbursable.

Expenses subject to documentation requirements.