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Travel Card

The Purdue University Travel Card (TCard) is available for faculty and staff who travel on official University-related business. The TCard provides an efficient, cost-effective method to procure travel and travel-related services.

The TCard is Purdue’s preferred reservation and payment method for University travel. All purchases made on the card must adhere to Purdue Travel Regulations.

The University has identified individual monthly-cycle card limits for the traveler, based on the business need and on the frequency of the travel required. An individual must travel or attend virtural conferences on average three or more times per year to be issued a travel card.

Travel Card limitations were reduced to $1 in support of the announced travel restrictions, and these limits will remain in place until further notice. An increase must be requested for funds as needed.

Travel Tier Establish Amount
Tier 1 – Very infrequent (Less than 3x yearly) Will not be provided a card.
Tier 2 – Occasional (3–5x yearly) Card will be established at $1 and increased based on travel occurring.
Tier 3 – Infrequent with domestic travel only $1,000-$5,000
Tier 4 – Moderate with domestic and some foreign travel $6,000-$10,000
Tier 5 – Road warrior with domestic and foreign travel Amount varies based on need and calculated based on historical spend history for the individual traveler.

NOTE: Study Abroad participants should reference the Purchasing Card Manual for a Study Abroad card.