Travel Card Use FAQ

Meals on Travel Card

Will I be reimbursed if I put my meals on my travel card?

Since meals are paid using a per diem allowance, the allowance would be reduced by all personal expenses paid with the Purdue Visa Travel Card, including meals. 

Travel Card

Am I required to use my Purdue Visa Travel Card for business travel expenses?

The Purdue Visa Travel Card is the preferred payment method for frequent travelers to use for all business travel expenses as it simplifies the reimbursement process, assists with cost savings and provides the traveler with extended benefits (i.e. travel accident insurance, rental car collision damage waiver, hotel burglary reimbursement). It is the University's expectation that if an individual has a Purdue Travel card, that they will book all travel through Concur and utilize the Purdue Travel card for the payment method.

Who do I contact if my Purdue Visa Travel Card does not work or allow a specific transaction?

If your travel card is declined, contact JP Morgan Chase at the phone number on the back of the card to learn why the card was declined and how to remedy the problem.

Who do I contact if my Purdue Visa Travel Card has been compromised?

Immediately report any fraudulent charges to JP Morgan Chase at (800) 316-6056 and Purdue Card Services staff via email at

NOTE: When contacting JP Morgan Chase, you may be asked to provide the last 4 digits of your social security number (SSN) and/or your mother’s maiden name. Use the last 4 digits of your PUID in place of the SSN. 

Travel Card Cancelation

What happens to the Purdue Visa Travel Card when an employee leaves the University?

The travel card should be canceled by completing the Appendix T (PDF) and forwarding to Card Services Operations for processing.

Travel Card Fee

What fee is assessed when using the University Travel Card for international purchases/charges?


Travel Card Limit

How do I change the limit on the Visa Travel Card?

To temporarily increase the limit, complete the online request form. To permanently increase the limit, complete necessary items on Appendix T (PDF), obtain appropriate signatures and submit the form to Card Services.