These resoruces were currated by the Substance Use Mitigation Team and are intended to help Purdue faculty and staff's interactions with students. We hope you find the information helpful when prmoting well-being in your classrooms and conversations. In need of a resource not listed below? Tell us more about what would help you promote harmful substance use reduction by filling out this form.

Student Discussion Resources

Talking tips for:


Use this infographic for basic talking points when discussing stress with a student. Remember that you do not have to be the expert, just someone willing to listen and refer when needed.

This self-care guide can lead students through reflections on stress management and lead to conversation topics.

Encourage students to use the self-help resources provided by CAPS.

If you want more talking points (and tips for improving your own relationship to stress!) check out the below video. 

Alcohol and Substance Use

Talking to a student about substance use can seem daunting. Luckily CAPS has great guidance for having successful conversations.

The below table highlights some helpful language to use when having supporting conversations about substance use disorders. 

Phrases to Avoid when Discussing Substance Use
Negative Connotations

Instead, Consider Using

"Druggie, addict, user, junkie, abuser" "Person with substance use disorder"
"Drug habit" "Disease"
"Ex-addict"  "Person living in recovery"
"Drug offender" "Person arrested for a drug violation"
"Hooked" "Substance dependent"
"Medication is a crutch" "Medication is a treatment tool"
"Relapsed" "Had a set back"
"Stayed clean/clean" "Maintained recovery"
"Dirty drug screen" "Positive drug screen"

For your own well-being when having these conversations, remember:

  • If you think the support of other campus resources is needed, fill out a student of concern report. Don't feel as if it is solely your responsibility to help. By filling out the report, the Dean of Students Office will connect the student to campus recourses. 
Vaping and E-cigarettes
When it comes to the differents ways to vape and what you can vape, it is crucial to understand the safety of vaping. You can use these talking points to share with students what is inside a vape. The cost of vaping can also be a compelling incentive to consider quitting. Students can also come to the Wellness Suite in RecWell to discuss options further.

Classroom Resources

Welcome/Announcement Slides

Use this slide deck in class or announcement slides to promote well-being services and healthy social norms.

Wellness Presentations

Request a Purdue RecWell staff member to come present over a well-being topic of your choice. Topics range from stress, finances, nutrition, sleep, and much more. Click here to get started

Perspective Project

With the launch of the Steps to Leaps Perspective Project in Fall 2023, Purdue instructors (tenure-track, clinical, lecturers) have the opportunity to receive resources ($2,000 stipend) and support to more actively integrate the S2L pillars into two of their courses. Integrating well-being content and reflection into your courses can positively contribute to the overall campus climate.

Learn more about the Perspective Project and how to apply

Purdue Campus Essentials Podcast

Listen and explore essential topics that help you stay informed about mental health and substance use on Purdue's West Lafayette campus. Get tips on supporting Boilermakers and become more familiar with campus services. 


Recovery Ally Training

For students in recovery from substance use, college can be a trying and triggering time. Complete the Recovery Ally training to learn how to support students in recovery and how to reduce stigma on campus. To request a training, please use the Wellness on Demand request form and choose "Trainings" when selecting a wellness topic. 

Mental Health First Aid Training

Mental Health First Aid is a program designed to help community members identify, understand and respond to mental illness while also increasing awareness of available resources. For more information on this training, visit the student support services page

QPR Suicide Prevention Training

This ninety minute training helps Purdue community members learn to recognize the warning signs for suicide and assist those in need. To learn more about this training, visit the student support services page

Wellness Newsletters

Steps To Leaps Well-being Tips

Steps to Leaps offers many well-being tips for personal use and for sharing with others. You can subscribe to the Steps to Leaps newsletter to stay updated on well-being intiatives and reserach opportunities. 

Wellness Suite Newsletter

The Wellness Suite offers student well-being events and services year round. Subscribe to this newsletter to stay updated on well-being events you can share with your students.