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Personal Training

Personal Training Reopening Guidelines:  

  • Trainers will practice safe physical distancing at all times when working with their clients. 
  • Clients are required to wipe down all equipment before and after each use. 
  • Masks are required to be worn by both trainer and client throughout the entire session. 
  • For those who prefer virtual personal training, sessions will be coordinated between the trainer and client. 

Here at RecWell, we believe in the power of getting stronger together. Our holistic approach to Personal Training will help you find success in a way that fits your unique goals, schedule and budget. Your trainer will create and lead a progressive program designed specifically for you.

Your Fitness Goals Start Here

Begin your fitness journey by filling out this interest form. We will pair you with a trainer that can help you achieve your goals. Personal Training services are available for all fitness levels & all RecWell members. We offer short & long term programming to best fit your schedule.

To sign up for our InBody service click here.

After submitting the form above, one of our team members will contact you within two business days.

Fitness Services

InBody Scan (Body Composition)

A scale can be a useful tool, but it doesn't paint the whole picture. This is a 30-minute assessment with a Trainer that will include an InBody test to estimate body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass and total body water. InBody scans will provide trackable data that you can walk away with.

Fitness Assessment
The fitness assessment is a great place to start. This one-hour assessment  includes goal identification, a body composition test, postural analysis, movement screening, muscular strength and muscular endurance testing.  
Monthly Program Design
This two-session package gives you an exercise program based upon your own goals, workout preferences and fitness level. Each month, you will receive an individualized four-week fitness program based on your included Fitness Assessment as well as two optional consultations with a Wellness Coach (for students) at no additional cost. By utilizing your personal trainer and wellness coach's demonstrations and guidance, you will have a qualified team to support you as you work to attain the goals and lifestyle change you seek to achieve.
Personal Training (Individual)
Workout one-on-one with a Personal Trainer to get the motivation, guidance and instruction you need. Personal Training packages include a complimentary Fitness Assessment.
Personal Training (Buddy)
Do you prefer working out with a friend? Register with a partner to double the fun and work toward your goals together. 
Small Group Training
Build muscles and relationships all at once! Sign up for our small-group training with a group of 3-6 individuals for trainer-led workouts that motivate everyone to work together and reach their goals.

Personal Training Prices

Service Cost
InBody Composition $9
Fitness Assessment $25
Monthly Program Design $49
5 Individual Sessions $160
10 Individual Sessions $310
20 Individual Sessions $580
10 Buddy Sessions $180/person
20 Buddy Sessions $320/person
10 Small Group Training Sessions $140/person

Become a Personal Trainer

Be part of a team that makes a difference. Learn about our free Personal Trainer prep course which prepares students for the American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer Certification Exam.