Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching takes your financial goals and turns them into action. Work alongside a financial educator to form goals, overcome barriers, and build a strong financial foundation to set you up for success. 

Setting Up A Session

Get connected with a Financial Educator by scheduling an appointment on BoilerConnect. Follow the steps below to successfully schedule a session. 

  1. Login on BoilerConnect
  2. When making a new appointment, select “Student Life and Wellness” under Appointment Type
  3. Select “Boiler Financial Track” under Location
  4. Select from the following under Reason/Student Service:
    • Budgeting
    • Credit
    • Debt/Other
    • Compensation
    • Referral
  5. Choose a time slot that best fits your schedule


Whether you need help putting together a budget or get your spending habits under control, we're here to help.  We offer free and confidential 30 minute appointments for students. *A no-show fee of $10 will be applied toward any appoinment that is missed.

With in-person and virtual meeting options, our meeting times are flexible and suitable for everyone's schedule.

For additional information, please visit Boiler Financial Track