Financial Counseling

Financial Counseling takes your financial goals and turns them into action. Work alongside a financial educator to build your financial literacy and confidence. We will work with you to sculpt goals, overcome barriers, and build financial foundations that set you up for success. You will work together until your goals are met and you have a satisfying sense of accomplishment. 

Setting Up A Session

Get connected with a Financial Educator by scheduling an appointment on BoilerConnect. Follow the steps below to successfully schedule a session. 

  1. Login on BoilerConnect
  2. When making a new appointment, select “Student Life and Wellness” under Appointment Type
  3. Select “Wellness Suite” under Location
  4. Select from the following under Reason/Student Service:
    • Budget
    • Investment
    • Credit
    • Debt
    • Compensation
  5. Choose a time slot that best fits your schedule