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Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports (also known as IMs) are one of the most popular ways to get involved on-campus with your fellow Boilermakers. The IM program provides the opportunity for individual, dual, and/or team leagues, tournaments, and events in more than 40 sport offerings! Be one of 18,000+ students that participates in sports like basketball, flag football, sand volleyball, soccer, softball & more. Compete and earn a signature championship t-shirt.

Be sure to read our Intramural Sports Reopening Guidelines!
Looking to play outside? Make sure you read about our Outdoor Facility Policies.

Time to Play

Registration for all intramural sports occurs through IMLeagues. Join a team with your friends or join a division as a Free Agent! Check out our entry dates for sport and team registration; see you out there!

Fall 2021 Entry Dates

Registration 1: 8/30-9/1
  • 4v4 Sand Volleyball
Registration 2: 9/13-9/15
  • 9v9 Outdoor Soccer
  • Flag Football
Registration 3: 10/4-10/6
  • Bowling
  • Indoor Volleyball

How do I learn the rules of the game?

Love sports & looking for a job?

Become an Official! We are looking for people who are passionate about sports and willing to learn. No experience required.

Purdue University Intramural Officials’ Association

The purpose of the Purdue University Intramural Officials' Association (PUIOA) is to allow an avenue for our members to progress as officials. We wish to provide our members with outside opportunities to better themselves and as away to build the name and reputation of Purdue Intramural Sports. We encourage and support our officials by sending them to extramural tournaments. As an organization, the PUIOA has multiple positions that allow leadership and networking opportunities for our officials. Through our official's personal advancement we wish to see Purdue Intramural Sports to improve as a whole.

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