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You can purchase a membership if you fall into one of the categories below: 

Please note, at this time, guests are severely limited on campus. Due to this, the following membership types are still suspended: Silver Sneakers, Optum, Alumni and Alumni household membersFor more information, please see our Reopening Guidelines.

Membership Categories

Purdue Affiliates
  • Currently Employed Purdue Faculty/Staff
  • Purdue Alumnus and/or Retiree
  • Currently Enrolled, Non-Fitness and Wellness Fee Paying Student
Household Member
  • Any individual 16 years or older who can provide proof of same residence with a Purdue Affiliate
  • Proof of residence can be a lease, US mail, Government Issued ID providing address of residence, etc.
Dependent to Above Listed Purdue Affiliates
  • Children ages 0-4 do not need to purchase a pass/membership
  • Any individual 15 years or younger who is the dependent of the above listed Purdue Affiliates
  • Dependents are subject to our limited access hours listed under membership options

Membership Pricing

Full Fee Paying Student
Fees are paid with tuition as "Fitness Wellness Fee"
Non-Fee Paying Students and their Household/Dependents

Membership 30 Day 4 Month Fall/Spring Summer
Full $40.00 - $125.00/semester $65.00
Limited (Dependent 5-15 only) - $90.00 - -
  • Only students and their household/dependents can purchase a pass at the semester length
Faculty, Staff, Retiree and their Household/Dependents

Membership 30 Day 4 Month 12 Month Recurring Deduction
Full $45.00 $145.00 $375.00 $34.00/month


  • Faculty/Staff must be employeed by Purdue University and must have a valid Purdue ID
  • Retirees must be an official retiree from Purdue University
  • RecWell is a Silver Sneakers and Optum participating location; eligibility is determined by respective insurance companies
Alumni and Household/Dependents

Membership 30 Day 4 Month 12 Month Recurring Deductions
Full $48.00 $175.00 $450.00 $40.00/month
  • Alumnus of Purdue University are eligible by presenting a copy of your diploma, or Purdue Alumni credentials

Parking Options

RecWell Members who aren't eligible for a university parking permit may request a $0 parking permit for use in the RecWell parking lots at CREC and TREC.  This means parking permits are given to eligible non-affiliates like household members, alumni or retirees.

  • This permit is only eligible with purchase of a full or limited 4 month, 12 month, or recurring deduction membership
  • This permit is non-transferable
  • The parking permit becomes invalid when RecWell membership is cancelled or expired
  • Members who purchase or renew memberships and are eligible for a RecWell parking permit will have to setup an account via the Purdue Parking Portal, must purchase the $0 CoRec parking permit for each year of eligibility and are responsible for abiding by all parking regulations
  • All inquiries concerning tickets received while parked in the CREC and TREC parking lots should be directed to Purdue Parking Services