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Effective May 19, 2021, all students with active memberships in Spring 2021 are eligible for summer memberships, including recent graduates and students not enrolled in summer courses. Please visit our Member Services desk at the CoRec to inquire about purchasing a summer membership. 

You can purchase a membership if you fall into one of the categories below:

Membership Categories

Purdue Affiliates
  • Currently Employed Purdue Faculty/Staff
  • Purdue Alumnus and/or Retiree
  • Currently Enrolled, Non-Fitness and Wellness Fee Paying Student
Household Member
  • Any individual 16 years or older who can provide proof of same residence with a Purdue Affiliate
  • Proof of residence can be a lease, US mail, Government Issued ID providing address of residence, etc.
Dependent to Above Listed Purdue Affiliates
  • Any individual 15 years or younger who is the dependent of the above listed Purdue Affiliates

Membership Pricing

Full Fee Paying Student
Fees are paid with tuition as "Fitness Wellness Fee"
Non-Fee Paying Students and their Household/Dependents

Membership 30 Day 4 Month Fall/Spring Summer
Full $40.00 - $125.00/semester $65.00
  • Only students and their household/dependents can purchase a pass at the semester length
Faculty, Staff, Retiree and their Household/Dependents

Membership 30 Day 4 Month 12 Month Recurring Deduction
Full $45.00 $145.00 $375.00 $34.00/month


  • Faculty/Staff must be employeed by Purdue University and must have a valid Purdue ID
  • Retirees must be an official retiree from Purdue University
  • RecWell is a Silver Sneakers and Optum participating location; eligibility is determined by respective insurance companies
Alumni and Household/Dependents

Membership 30 Day 4 Month 12 Month Recurring Deductions
Full $48.00 $175.00 $450.00 $40.00/month
  • Alumnus of Purdue University are eligible by presenting a copy of your diploma, or Purdue Alumni credentials