Work for Recreation & Wellness

When you move more, you achieve more. And when you work for Recreation & Wellness, you achieve more than just a paycheck; you get to work in a fast-paced, action-packed environment that gets over 1.5 million visitors a year and averages 6.5 thousand visitors a day. As the 2nd largest employer of students on campus, Recreation & Wellness has a lot to offer you. Some of the benefits you receive as a student working for Purdue RecWell include: getting real work experience; gaining high-demand career skills, opportunities to showcase your work, doing better in school and creating a network. Read on for more details.

Why Work For Us?

Get Real World Experience
Having a job in college is a great way to boost your resume and get ahead of the competition. It shows employers you have real world experience, and that’s something you’ll need to get a job after graduation.
Gain High-Demand Career Skills
Problem solving, team-work, communication, leadership, strong work ethic, and critical thinking skills are just a few of the high-demand skills employers are looking for in new college graduates. That’s why our student development program follows the Purdue Student Life Leadership & Professional Development’s Initiative’s strength-based and competency-based approach. Basically, this means by the time you graduate you should be able to name, describe and apply your top five strengths and have developed a good number of the 20 leadership and professional development competencies we believe will best prepare you for your future career.
Do Better in School

Studies from the Bureau of Labor Statistics have shown that undergraduate college students who work part-time (up to 20 hours per week) have higher GPAs than students who don’t work at all. Many credit having to become more organized and learn time management skills to juggle going to school and having a job. However, working more than 20 hours a week can have the opposite effect as stress increases and work cuts into school time. 

Create a Network

The saying “it’s all about who you know” is true. Having professional connections can open up opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise, and building up a network of contacts before college is even over is a huge benefit to working in college. You never know - someone you meet at your college job could be key to getting your foot in the door of your dream job after college.