Frequently Asked Questions


Access and Membership

What are your hours?

We are open from 5:30a-12a Monday through Friday.  Saturday we are open from 8a-12a and Sunday from 10a-12a.  Our hours change during breaks and University closures.

I'm a full time student, do I have to pay for a membership?

Anyone enrolled in 12 or more credit hours has a membership covered by student fees.  We do have a few programs at low costs for members including Intramurals, Group Fitness, Cooking Demonstrations and more.

How can I renew my membership or locker?

You can use our online Member Services portal or come in and see us.

Can I reserve a spot for my Group X class?

Yes, you can use our online Member Services portal to make sure you've got a spot in class.

Do you have saunas and steam rooms?

Yes, we have three saunas, but do not have any steam rooms.

Do you have Personal Trainers/how do I sign up?

Yes, we do have personal trainers.  Please visit the Personal Training website to sign up. 

Can I bring my family to RecWell?

We have membership options for the whole family.  Check out our Membership Options

How do I schedule a massage?

The Massage Therapy website allows you to make an appointment at your convenience.  You can call us at 765-496-1788

Do you offer Physical Therapy to your members?

We have a physical therapy staff; students can make an appointment by calling 765-494-1839 or in person at the Wellness Suite.

Boiler Challenge Course

When can I schedule a Boiler Challenge program?

Challenge programs can be scheduled anytime before dark.  By providing two date options, staff members will schedule your group during a time that's best for you.  All requests must be made two weeks prior to your desired date.

Is there a better time of the year to schedule a program?

This is largely up to your group and your needs.  The Boiler Challenge Program is very popular during August and September when student organizations are returning to campus.  It is recommended for August dates to submit your request form prior to June.  This will give your group a better chance of getting the date/time that works best for you.

Does the program close during the year?

We are open year round, however, weather does play a role in whether or not a program can take place.  If you are looking for a winter program, it is recommended you choose an indoor portable program.

What is the minimum and maximum numbers we can bring?

Eight is the minimum for all programs.  There is no maximum for the low or portable course.  A partial high Boiler Challenge Course maximum is 16 and a full high Boiler Challenge Course maximum is 28.

What is the minimum age for a Boiler Challenge program?

Due to the physical ability needed, the high course has a minimum age of 13.  All other programs are at the discretion of the Boiler Challenge Manager.  We can tailor all programs to fit the needs of the group.

What should we wear to the Boiler Challenge Course?

You should wear comfortable, casual, athletic-type clothing with sturdy shoes such as sneakers or hiking boots.  Open-toed shoes, shoes with a heel, or sandals are not permitted.

What if I have a physical disability or am out of shape?

The Boiler Challenge Course is for everyone - physical ability is not a factor.  Our staff can tailor a program to accommodate most any physical disabilities.

What happens if it rains?

A Boiler Challenge program can be held in some types of inclement weather, such as light rain.  However, if weather does become a factor, we will work with your group to schedule a make up date.

Can a Boiler Challenge program take place in the cold/snow?

This will depend on the temperature, wind chill and the type of program your group is signed up for.  Proper attire of your group is also important and plays a role in the decision.

What do we do with valuables and accessories?

Please leave any valuable personal items/accessories at home or in your vehicle.  We do provide a box to keep items in, but the Boiler Challenge Program is not responsible for anything lost, stolen, or damaged.


Climbing Wall

When is the Climbing Wall open?

The roped climbing wall is open from 4p-10p, seven days a week, while school is in session.  The bouldering wall is open whenever the building is open.  Climbers can check out climbing specific shoes at the equipment center on the first floor.

What is bouldering?

Bouldering is a style of climbing done without the use of a harness or rope.  When climbers fall, they land on a crash pad to reduce impact.  Our bouldering wall goes up to 12 feet tall and has areas that vary from vertical to overhanging.

I have never climbed before.  Do I need any previous experience to participate?

No experience is necessary to use our climbing and bouldering walls.  We encourage you to make your first visit during our open hours so you can go through an orientation with our friendly and educated staff.  We can provide you with all of the basic equipment to try out the climbing wall.

Can I climb if I come alone?

Of course you can!  Bouldering is always available.  A dedicated belay staff will be available at the roped climbing wall during open hours.

What is belaying?

Belaying is the act of safely managing the rope of another climber.  The belayer is responsible for the climber's safety as he or she ascends the wall.  In the event of a fall, the belayer secures the climber by holding the rope.

I already know how to belay.  Can I belay my friends?

Absolutely!  In order to belay in the facility, you must first take a Belay Competency Exam from a Climbing Wall Supervisor.

How can I learn more about climbing?

We offer a variety of Educational Workshops that teach everything from movement techniques, belaying, sport climbing, and trad classes.

Do I need to sign a waiver or release form?

Participants using the roped climbing wall must sign a release.  Individuals under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign for them.

Can I use my own climbing equipment?

Climbers are allowed to use their own equipment with some exceptions:

  • Per the Climbing Wall Supervisor's discretion, tubular style devices (ex. ATC) and assisted braking devices (ex. GRI-GRI) are permitted.
  • Use of one's own personal harness is permitted.


Club Sports

How do I get involved?

Most clubs have a callout at the beginning of the school year to share info with new recruits.  Anyone interested should attend the callout or contact the club president directly.  President contact information can be found on the Club Sports website.

Are there costs associated with participating?

Yes!  Most organizations charge dues to cover operating expenses for the club.  Although some funding is available through Recreation and Wellness, the clubs must charge dues and complete fundraisers to offset traveling, equipment, and other costs.

What is the time commitment?

It varies by club.  Some clubs are more instructional based and simply practice with minimal travel.  Other clubs are competitive and travel frequently, competing against other club teams.

Group Fitness

How soon before class can I reserve my spot?

Participants can register for a class 48 hours in advance and up to 15 minutes prior to class start time or until the class is full.

The class is full; is there any way I can still participate?

Yes!  Participants can be put on a standby list.  Show up before class and at 5 minutes before class, if someone who registered does not show up, the spot will be given to a standby.

I need to cancel my class reservation.  What can I do?

Participants can cancel their spot in class on the member portal up to 30 minutes prior to class start time.

How soon before class do I need to be there if I have reserved my spot?

Participants will be marked as a no show if they are not checked into class 5 minutes prior to the start time.  At 5 minutes before, spots will be given to those in line or on standby.

How will the instructor know I reserved my spot when there are lots of people in line?

Instructors will ask participants to form two lines: one for those who have pre-registered and one for those who are walk-ins.  All pre-registered participants will be checked in and given access to the room first.


What is an RD?

Registered Dietitians are the professionals best suited to help meet your food and nutrition goals.

Where can I get nutrition counseling?

A registered dietitian is available for nutrition counseling and appointments are free of charge to students.  The first appointment generally lasts 60 minutes, with follow-up appointments, if needed, lasting 30 minutes.  Schedule an appointment

I am a Purdue faculty or staff member and would like to see the dietitian.  Where can I go?

The Center for Healthy Living offers registered dietitian services at no charge to benefits-eligible employees and to family members who are covered on the employee's Purdue medical plan.  Schedule an appointment or call 765-494-0111.

I think I (or my friend) might have an eating disorder.  Where can I go for help?

If you or your friend has an eating disorder, it is important you get help.  Our dietitian is part of the PUSH Eating Disorder Treatment Team and can work with you to develop a healthy relationship with food.  To get started, contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at 765-494-6995.

I am an RA and would like to request a nutrition program for my residence hall.  What should I do?

To request a nutrition program or education program on another topic area, please visit our Wellness on Demand page.

Personal Training

I'm thinking about signing up for a personal trainer.  Can I request a trainer that's the same gender as me?

Our number one goal is for you to feel comfortable.  You may request a trainer based on gender, specialty, and/or experience.  We will do our best to help meet your needs.

What kind of training do your instructors and trainers have to go through?

Our trainers go through extensive training before they begin.  Each year we hold an eight week course to train potential employees to become a personal trainer.  All training is focused on national standards from the American Council on Exercise (ACE).  After the initial training, each potential employee is put through a series of evaluations to indicate their readiness and skill level.  We do not hire them until they successfully pass evaluation standards.