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Club Sports provide both a competitive and social sporting experience to any Purdue student. There are clubs for all skill levels, from beginner to seasoned expert. Explore RecWell clubs below.

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If you have questions about the Club Sports program, please contact Jason Maynard.

Club Sports Run by RecWell


Person shooting a bow and arrow with a sun set behind them

Maybe you've always wanted to shoot a bow, but never had the opportunity to get your hands on one, or maybe Robin Hood was your favorite movie when you were a little kid, or maybe Robin Hood is your favorite movie right now. Whatever the reason, if you're interested in learning how to shoot a bow, the Purdue Archery Club wants to hook you up! Don't have a bow? No problem. We've got a whole arsenal of beginner compound and recurve bows as well as arrows, arm guards, and finger tabs to go along with. So, if you're looking for something new and exciting to get involved in on campus, send us an email at purduearchery@gmail.com, or simply show up to one of our scheduled practices.

President Contact: Anna Duly  Email: aeduly@purdue.edu

Social Media: Facebook Page



Badminton Player B

The aim of the club is to bring together all badminton players at Purdue University by offering a healthy environment for competitive badminton.

President Contact: Aurelia Lau Email: lau76@purdue.edu


Social Media: Facebook



The Purdue University Baseball Club is a student-run organization that participates in intercollegiate athletic competition.  We provide students an opportunity to continue their baseball career at a collegiate level.

President Contact: Ross Ostrager Email: Rostrage@purdue.edu


Social Media: Facebook


Men's Basketball

We travel to other universities to play in basketball tournaments and participate in events that other schools hold. We try to attend at least 2-3 tournaments each semester on weekends and practice 2-3 times a week. We are a competitive organization that needs a substantial amount of time dedicated to the success of our team. 

President Contact: Jake Tarnow Email: tarnow@purdue.edu



Women's Basketball
President Contact: Amber Kaplan Email: Ajkaplan@purdue.edu
Visit the crew club website for details on joining the team.

 Cricket Team

The Purdue University Cricket Club (PUCC) brings together a bunch of cricket-enthusiastic Purdue students who have been playing the game at Purdue for over 20 years now. PUCC has been performing consistently well over the years representing Purdue in American College Cricket (ACC) and two major Midwest leagues - the Midwest Cricket Conference (MCC) and the Midwest Cricket Tournament (MCT). PUCC organizes the Natraj Iyer Memorial Indoor Cricket League (ICL) offering the Purdue fraternity an opportunity to play cricket within the confinement of the Armory to accommodate for the extreme cold conditions.

President Contact: Saswat Mishra Email: mishra94@purdue.edu

Purdue Cricket Club Website

Social Media: Follow us on Twitter @purduecricket



Sabre Fencers

The Purdue Fencing Club welcomes all students who are interested in learning the olympic sport of fencing in all three weapons: foil, epee and saber. We practice three times a week and often travel to compete individually and as team. Purdue Fencing Club started 92 years ago as a 5-member men's varsity foil squad, and grew in popularity. In 1935, Silver Mask, an honorary fraternal order, was created to increase interest in fencing. While men's varsity fencing was dissolved in the 1940s, the Silver Mask fraternity remained to provide a fencing club atmosphere. Today, the club is stronger than ever, with around 50 men and women fencers.

President Contact: Casper Lai Email: lai184@purdue.edu


Social Media: Facebook and follow us on Twitter @PurdueFencing




Gymnastics Team Photo

The Purdue Gymnastics Club is a group of normal everyday students who, like yourself, want to stay active while at school. We practice during evening hours four times a week during the fall and spring semesters. We own and operate equipment for 4 women's and 6 men's events.

President Contact: Caleb Shinkle Email: cshinkle@purdue.edu


Social Media: Follow us on Twitter @purduegymnasts


Ice Hockey

The Purdue Ice Hockey Club provides students the opportunity to play ice hockey at the collegiate level while promoting the game of hockey throughout the Purdue community. Purdue is part of the North Conference in Division 3 of the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA). Purdue also participates in the Indiana Collegiate Hockey Conference (ICHC).

President Contact: Allen Rider Email: awrider@purdue.edu

Social Media: Facebook and follow us on Twitter @purduehockey


Judo Club

Judo was founded in 1882 by Jigoro Kano in Tokyo, Japan. It was created by refining the best techniques of several different styles of jujutsu. The word Judo means "Gentle Way" or "Flexible Way." Judo is a well-rounded martial art, an olympic sport, and can become a way of life (ju=gentle, do=way). Anyone of any skill level is welcome to join the club.

President Contact: Michael Yackovich : myackovi@purdue.edu


Social Media: Facebook Page


Karate Club Members

The Purdue Karate Club is dedicated to the practice of Okinawan Goju Ryu. Classes consist of roughly equal parts exercise, technique practice, kata (formal sets of movements), and sparring.

Anyone can join and participate, no previous experience necessary. Practitioners of other styles are not only welcome, but encouraged to attend. As a club, we love to study the intricacies of other arts to see where we might improve.

President Contact: Trevor Johnson : trevoraj123@outlook.com


Social Media:Facebook Page



Kendo Club Members

The Purdue Kendo Club teaches and practices the Japanese "way of the sword." Kendo is welcome to people of all skill levels interested in the study and mastering the art of the Japanese Sword.

President Contact: Catherine Park : email: park1512@purdue.edu



Men's Lacrosse

Men's Lacrosse Player

The Men's Lacrosse Club are members of the Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA). The team competes all year round, but the spring season is our main competitive season where we travel around the country playing other teams that are part of the MCLA.

President Contact: Wyatt Bucki : wbucki@purdue.edu


Social Media:Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter @PurdueMensLax


Women's Lacrosse


Women's Lacrosse Players

The Women's Lacrosse Club's goal as a team and a club is to promote women's lacrosse at Purdue as well as to work as a team to achieve success within our league and division. We play teams from all over the Midwest. The team's competitive season is in the spring, but we play games in both the spring and the fall. We welcome players of all skill levels to join the team.

President Contact: Caroline Purdom : cpurdom@purdue.edu


Social Media: Instagram 

Rifle & Pistol

The Rifle and Pistol Club is Purdue's oldest club. We are dedicated to recreational and competitive shooting while promoting gun safety.

President Contact: Alex Sinelli : asinelli@purdue.edu


Social Media: Facebook Page


Men's Rugby

Men's Rugby Scrum

The Purdue Men's Rugby Club offers the sport of rugby for both seasoned players and those who have never played the game. The club competes in the Big Ten Universities Rugby Conference offering some of the best competition in the nation. No experience is necessary and we welcome all athletes.

President Contact: Jeremy Smith : smit4432@purdue.edu


Social Media:Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter @PurdueMensRugby


Women's Rugby

Women's Rugby Team

The Purdue Women's Rugby Club is a unique blend of a high-intensity and physically demanding sport with a team that is a family. We compete in the Big 10 Rugby Conference in the fall and tournaments in the spring. Anyone is welcome, whether you've played before or never heard of rugby! Check out one of the coolest and most internationally known sports there is, right here at Purdue!

President Contact: Leia Schiltz : ldschilt@purdue.edu

Social Media: Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter @PurdueWRugby



Run Club Student Racers

The Purdue Run Club is a group of self coached runners. We have runners of all capability levels, and offer racing opportunities for any distance, ranging from the 60m dash to the half marathon. Everyone who comes to a practice will have someone to run with.

President Contact: Dylan Fritz : Fritz45@purdue.edu


Social Media:Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter @purduerunclub


Men's Soccer

Champion Men's Soccer Team 2019

The Purdue Men’s Soccer Club provides an environment for students who want to improve their collegiate experience through the game of soccer. In addition, the club will afford the opportunity for improving their skills and developing lasting relationships. For more information you can email us at PurdueUniversityFC@Gmail.com

President Contact: Youssef Errihani : Yerrihan@purdue.edu

Additional contact: PurdueUniversityFC@gmail.com



Women's Soccer

Women's Soccer Team Photo

The Purdue Women's Club Soccer is a competitive organization for those who would like to continue playing at a high level. Our team is committed to working hard on and off of the field. We strive to better ourselves as students and players. We work together as a team to reach our collective goals and personal goals. We travel and compete against other collegiate teams in our region. Our goal is to compete at our best and continue on to regionals and nationals.

President Contact: Emma Caldwell : caldwe64@purdue.edu




Softball Club Team Photo

The Purdue Softball Club is a student-run organization recognized by the National Club Softball Association. As a club team, we provide Purdue students with the opportunity to continue playing softball at a competitive collegiate level. As NCSA members, we participate in the Great American - West conference consisting of the University of Notre Dame, University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan, and Loyola-Chicago.

President Contact: Mahima Malhotra: mhmalhot@purdue.edu


 Support Softball Club for Purdue Day of Giving


Swim Club Group Photo

The Purdue Swim Club's mission is to offer a healthy, competitive, and fun environment for all types of swimmers. 

President Contact: Erik Bowes : ebowes@purdue.edu




Tae Kwon Do Club

The Purdue Taekwondo Club is an instructional club that teaches Taekwondo, a traditional Korean martial art which specializes in fancy and powerful kicking techniques. The club is open to everyone, experienced and beginners! We train three times a week and compete in friendly tournaments twice a year.

President Contact: Yeji Kim : kim3652@purdue.edu

Social Media: Facebook Page


Trap & Skeet

Trap & Skeet Team Photo

The Purdue Trap and Skeet Club was founded in 1977 to provide Purdue students, alumni, and faculty guided instruction in shotgun sports. The club participates in, Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, 5-Stand, and Olympic Trap and Skeet events across the country. The traveling team has won 17 World Championships and 7 National Championships. Participants of any skill level are invited out to the range to experience Purdue Trap and Skeet.

President Contact: Ethan Buck : buck38@purdue.edu




Triathlon Club

The Purdue Triathlon Club's mission is to assemble athletes who desire to train multi-sport in a social environment and promote interest and participation in triathlons, duathlons, running, swimming and cycling events on the Purdue University campus that provide opportunities for members to participate in triathlons and related athletic activities. We encourage and support members while training together. We travel to races in the spring and summer together and host two races during the school year. We cap off our year at the Collegiate Nationals in April.

President Contact: Arianna Werts : awerts@purdue.edu

Social Media:Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter @PurdueTri

Men's Ultimate


Men's Ultimate Players

The Purdue Men's Ultimate Frisbee Club started in the late 80's and the club has grown and developed through the years into the team we know today. Stressing sound fundamentals, intense defense, and solid throwing, we strive to develop new players and core members alike into a cohesive team able to compete with the best in the Central Plains section and Great Lakes region. On the field, hard work and dedication are needed to make a good team, but memories will be made off the field as well. With a rich history and a wide cast of personalities, good times will be had traveling to tournaments, after practice, and on the weekends. Ultimate Frisbee will be a sport you'll come to know and love. We are Undue Ultimate

President Contact: Kevin Asaro : kasaro@purdue.edu


Social Media: Facebook Page


Women's Ultimate

Women's Ultimate Players

The Purdue Women's Ultimate Club practices as a team to learn the sport of ultimate frisbee and travels to weekend-long tournaments in local cities to compete against teams from other colleges. No experience is required - we'll teach you everything you need to know! Open to experienced and beginner athletes.

President Contact: Shannon Sturt : ssturt@purdue.edu


Social Media:Follow us on Twitter @PurdueWomensUlt


Men's Volleyball

Men's Volleyball Player

The Purdue Men's Club Volleyball allows Purdue undergraduate and graduate students to play volleyball at a competitive, intercollegiate level without a varsity level time commitment. Tryouts are held at the beginning of each semester and teams are divided based on skill level. Players come from all over the country, not just limited to the Midwest. The first and second teams travel to tournaments across the Midwest and to the NCVF National tournament each spring. The club is an NCVF and MIVA recognized program and consistently finishes in the top competitive divisions of the region and nation.

President Contact: Jimmy Nottoli : Jpnottol@purdue.edu


Social Media: Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter @purduemensvball


Women's Volleyball

 The Purdue Women's Club Volleyball is a club that competes against other collegiate clubs regionally and nationally. The club is for experienced players who seek to continue participating in competitive volleyball here at Purdue! Every skill level is welcome and we encourage you to give our club a try.

President Contact: Nora Zielke : nzielke@purdue.edu


Social Media: Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter @PUWVBClub


Men's Water Polo

Men's Water Polo Player

The Purdue's Men's Water Polo Club is for anyone interested in playing water polo. Everyone is welcome from freshman to graduate students. You don't need to know how to play, just a will to learn, work hard, and have a great time. The team travels to several tournaments around the midwest region and is a member of the CWPA Big Ten Conference, culminating in a championship tournament in early November.

President Contact: Andrew Zimmerman : zimmeras@purdue.edu


Social Media: Follow us on Twitter @PurdueWaterPolo

Women's Water Polo

Women's Water Polo Player

The Purdue Women's Water Polo Club competes in the CWPA Big 10 division along with eight other universities in the Big 10. The club travels during the Spring Semester and competes against other universities for conference ranking. The club requires no experience to join, but a swimming background is preferred. Our club teaches its members the skills and the necessary knowledge to play the sport.

President Contact: Alexandra Gehrs : agehrs@purdue.edu


Social Media:Follow us on Twitter @yolo_4_polo


Club Sports Application for interested Student Organizations

Applications are closed for new Club Sports recognition. They will open November 2023-January 2024. To be recognized, student organizations must meet all the below requirements. 

Club Sports Recognition Criteria

Requirements for all student organizations seeking Club Sports Recognition:

  • Active Registered Student Organization with Student Activities and Organizations (SAO) for at least 2 years.
  • The club is dedicated to a competitive sport 1. The sport must meet an athletic standard and its competitive nature will be subject to annual review by a Sport Programs administrator.
    • 1: We define a sport as, “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others.”
  • At least 80% of the club includes Purdue students.
  • Part of a national and/or international league which organizes competitions and standardizes skill development and competition regulations.
  • Club's BOSO account must be in good standing with a positive balance. 
  • The club has infrastructure or a planned infrastructure to manage development and fundraising, leadership development, and club engagement to create transformative leaders.

New Clubs with the following criteria are preferred:

  • The club regularly uses RecWell managed spaces.


Student organizations fulfilling the above criteria may fill out this application by January 31, 2024 to have your organization be reviewed for Club Sports recognition.