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Boiler Kids Camp

This interactive, educational day camp is designed for children ages 5 to 12 and is held each summer. In a safe and enjoyable environment, children will be presented with a wide range of activities including rock climbing, swimming, arts, crafts and so much more!


Summer 2021 Information

Boiler Kids Camp will not be in operation for the summer of 2021.  We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you.

Boiler Kids Camp Information

Purdue Affiliates Non-Affiliates
Full Day Camper (7:30am-5:30pm) $145.00/week $160.00/week

Purdue Affiliates - parents must be affiliated with Purdue University (student, faculty, staff, alumni, retiree, or RecWell Member)

Non-Affliatesall other individuals not affiliated with Purdue University

Hours of Operation
Boiler Kids Camp operates Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.  Parents may drop their children off from 7:30am-8:30am and may pick up their children between 4:30pm-5:30pm
Identification Policy
Your child's safety is important to us and is Boiler Kids Camp top priority.  All parents, guardians, or friends (approved to pick up children at the end of the camp day) must show a picture ID (includes Driver's License, Purdue ID card, or any other form of ID with a picture and name) in order to pick up a child.  This policy is designed with the safety of the children in mind at all times and no exceptions will be made.  Boiler Kids Camp will not release a child to a parent without the proper identification, no matter how well we know the parent or guardian.
Daily Schedule
Morning Activities
7:30-8:30am Full Day Camper Check-In
8:30-8:45am Good Morning/Announcements
8:45-9:30am Camper Time

Morning Program Area #1 (Rotation Schedule)

10:45-11:05am Morning Snack
11:20am-12:20pm Morning Program Area #2 (Rotation Schedule)
12:30-1:30pm Lunch
Kindergarten-2nd Grade Afternoon Activities
1:45-2:30pm Afternoon Program Rotation
2:30-3:00pm Change into Swimwear
3:00-3:45pm Swim Time
3:45-4:15pm Change after Swim
4:30-5:30pm Camper Check-Out
3rd Grade-6th Grade Afternoon Activities
1:45-2:30pm Change into Swimwear
2:30-3:00pm Swim Time
3:00-3:45pm Change after Swim
3:45-4:15pm Afternoon Program Rotation
4:30-5:30pm Camper Check-Out
Morning Program Area Descriptions

Mystery MondayEach week, campers will be surprised on Monday with interactive program's designed around the week's theme

Sports and Games - This program area is designed to give campers a well-rounded experience into the world of sports and games.  Each week, campers will be introduced to new and different activities, including wallyball and badminton, along with more traditional games like soccer and basketball

Arts and CraftsThe arts and crafts program gives campers the ability to create new pieces of artwork from everyday objects.  Corresponding with the weekly theme, campers will be able to express themselves in artistic and imaginative ways

Climb Time - Get ready to scale the highest wall in the Big Ten!  Campers will learn the proper terminology and technique to develop the necessary skills to rock climb and boulder

Fun with Fitness - The campers will learn the importance of a physically active lifestyle, the benefits and impact of fitness on the quality and duration of life, and how to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives

Team Building - During team building, campers are presented with activities intended to encourage teamwork and cooperation.  Activities may range from simple problem solving skills to more complex thinking

Demonstration Kitchen - In this program area, campers will learn the benefits of healthy eating habits and healthy cooking.  Each week, campers will be introduced to a new food group and will begin to understand why fruits and vegetables are so important

Science - This program area will introduce campers to the wonders of science.  Each week, campers will conduct experiments trying to answer the question, "Why?"

Afternoon Program Area Descriptions

Nice to Meet You - This activity is an opportunity for campers to meet new friends and learn about one another

Counselor Activity - This activity is designed for the counselors to show off their creative side.  Each counselor will be assigned a specific day of the week in which they will be the lead for an activity or game

Down Time - Everyone needs a break during the course of the day.  During down time, campers will have unstructured, supervised time where they can read books, color, or put puzzles together.  The choice is theirs

Take a Trip - Who doesn't like to take a trip?  Campers and counselors will be able to take a trip to the fountains, Slayter Hill, or just a casual walk around campus

Free Pick - Campers will get to pick which activity they participate in as a group