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Boiler Challenge

Boiler Challenge offers a unique learning environment where the goal is to provide an engaging and fun curriculum that applies to everyday life and work settings. Your group will enhance skills such as communication, trust, problem solving and decision making through mental and physical challenges. There are several programming options that can be adapted to meet your group’s needs. Please explore the different course offerings and their descriptions. We are proud to offer an adaptive program to meet all physical abilities.

Virtual Escape Room Adventure

Looking for a great way to engage your group in virtual team building? Try our Virtual Escape Room Adventure! 

This one-hour online adventure can be used for groups of up to 200 participants. Please fill out our interest form and we will reach out to confirm availability. 

Program Options

Tony Hawkins Low Challenge Program


  • The L. Tony Hawkins Low Challenge Course was named after the former Purdue University Dean of Students. This program is ideal for most groups because low elements are more abstract than physical in nature, allowing you to focus on your teamwork, communication, and problem solving. This program is strongly recommended for any group looking to enhance their teamwork skills. Our staff will take you through various challenges that are sure to test and develop your problem solving, communication, trust, and goal setting.
  • All of our activities (elements) in the Low Challenge Program are either on the ground or close to the ground. They focus on experiential learning; which means that while your group might be moving wooden planks, walking on cables, or balancing on a large platform that see-saws, the main focus is learning how to work together to accomplish goals. We want your time at the challenge course to be fun and memorable, but we also want your group to walk away having learned something about each other.

Time commitment

  • Programs are offered in two, three, or four hour lengths. If you have any questions regarding what time length is appropriate for your group, feel free to ask.


  • All Groups. If your group is early in the development stage and/or you have not done any previous team building, this is definitely the program for you! Easy to moderate physical activity.


Purdue Afiliated $3.75/hour/person
Non-Afilliated $6.00/hour/person
Class of 1979 High Challenge Program


  • In 2005, the high challenge course was gifted to Purdue University as the main donation from the Class of 1979. This program is designed specifically for groups that are ready to be challenged both physically and mentally. The nature of the program demands participants to be engaged on a complex level. The challenges require a high level of working together, communication, and trust.
  • The High Course has three levels, each with its own challenges. Your group will move through different elements on each level; challenging your teamwork and trust along the way. Our trained facilitators will be with your group every step of the way to explain the challenges and provide support.
  • A partial high program consists of the first two levels of the course. Your group will be challenged just as they would in a full program, it will just take a bit less time.


  • If you have an established group with a good foundation of teamwork and are ready to take those skills to the next level, this is the program for you. Moderate to High Level of physical activity. Minimum age requirement: 13 yrs.

Time Commitment

  • A full high course will take between four to five hours and a partial high program will take between two to three hours.

Maximum Group Size

  • A full high program can accommodate up to 36 participants and a partial high program can have up to 16 participants.


Group High Challenge Program Partial High Challenge Program
Purdue Affiliated  $23/person  $15/person
Non-Affiliated  $46/person  $30/person
Combo Challenge Program


  • The Combo Challenge Program is an option that involves a two to three hour Low Challenge combined with either a Partial or Full High Challenge. This option is for groups looking to experience a more in depth progression through the development process.
  • This half-day or full-day journey will begin with low impact activities, working your way up to the more complex and strenuous high challenge activities. A combo program can take between four to eight hours depending on the specific program choices. Prices are also dependent upon the specific program choices.
Portable Challenge Program


  • The portable challenge program is designed for groups, of almost any size, that are unable to travel to the Boiler Challenge Course. These programs can be tailored to meet the needs of any group in the same manner as the Boiler Challenge High & Low Programs. The portable challenge program is a great way for groups to incorporate group development activities with staff or club meetings, retreats, or even a classroom setting. Take advantage of this course during the winter months and host your group inside RecWell.

Time Commitment

  • Programs are offered at one, two, three, or four hour lengths.


  • All groups.


Number of Participants Purdue Affiliated Non-Affiliated
Up to 20 $38/hour $60/hour
21-40 $76/hour $120/hour
41-80 $152/hour $240/hour
Each Additional 40 $76/hour $120/hour
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Questions to Answer

  • How well does the group know one another?
  • What are some things the organization excels in?
  • What are some things the organization would like to work on?
  • The goals the group has chosen and why?
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