Facility Rentals

Looking for a place to host your next event?  Recreation and Wellness has a variety of spaces available to rent for Purdue student organizations, academic departments, alumni, and non-university affiliated groups.

RecWell Facility Rentals

General Guidelines
  • All reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Requests are not confirmed until group has met with the RecWell Reservations Team
  • Reservation year runs from May 1 to April 30 (requests for next year will be accepted on April 1 but not formally processed until May 1)
  • Need at least 10 business days to process any requests
  • RecWell reserves the right to alter staffing, regulate the continuation of participation, or cancel the event due to circumstances which may pose a hazard to the safety of the participants or the condition of the facilities, including inclement weather
  • Participants must comply with Federal and State Law, and Purdue University and RecWell rules and regulations.  Persons misusing equipment or non-compliant to safety rules or instruction will be asked to leave the facility
  • Groups are responsible for adhering to the policies and procedures set forth by the Division of Recreation and Wellness.  They are also financially responsible for any additional fees assessed for their event
Group Classifications
  • Purdue Affiliates
    • Current Students, Student Organizations, University and Academic Departments
    • Recognized student organizations must file an event planning form through Boilerlink
    • Departments and organizations requesting space for non-university related activities or participants may be charged the non-affiliated rate and insurance may be required


  • Non-Affiliated Groups
    • Any group not considered affiliated with Purdue University
    • Criminal background checks are required for all volunteers at the event
    • Depending on the scope of the event, a non-refundable deposit or full payment may be required at the time of reservation
Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellations must be received in writing
  • Purdue Affiliated Groups - one week advance notice
  • Non-University Groups - one month advance notice
    • Reservations not cancelled within these time frames are subject to non-refundable charges
Additional Information
  • Commercial sponsorship must be approved in advance.  Any vendor not affiliated with the organization must have a separate rental contract with RecWell
  • Financial responsibility falls to the event sponsor for any lost, stolen, or damaged equipment
  • All postings, field or floor marking must be approved in advance
  • Equipment will be reserved for the group if they have a reservation
  • All food vendors must be on the Approved University List

How to Request RecWell Space