Indoor Facility Info

Here at RecWell we believe in a holistic active and healthy lifestyle. This list shows some of our state of the art spaces.  For accommodations or accessibility questions, email

Indoor Facility Spaces


Competition Pool:

Dive in and enjoy the Morgan J. Burke Aquatic Center. With 80,521 sq. ft., this space was renovated through a collaboration between Recreation & Wellness, Intercollegiate Athletics and the Department of Health & Kinesiology. It was completely funded with gifts from alumni and friends of Purdue University. We’ve got seating for 625 spectators and host lots of competitions at a local, regional and national level. 1.3 million gallons of water fill this space! Add the 12 person spa and you have found the perfect place to de-stress in between classes and exams. Check out some details:

  • Doris Holloway Competition Pool-8 lane 50 meters, with two Stark moveable bulkheads
  • Dive pool, 17 feet deep with two 1 meter and two 3 meter springboards; 1-10 meter diving platforms
  • The “P” on the bottom of the dive pool measures 15’ tall x 26’ wide


Recreation Pool:

Make a splash in our three 25 yard lap lanes, 26 person spa, vortex, two water basketball goals, water volleyball and much more. The warm water is great for swim lessons and Group X in the pool.

Demonstration Kitchen

Stocked with all the kitchen equipment you could want, this demo kitchen gives a space on campus for the Purdue Community to learn about cooking, creating and food safety.  High tech and modern kitchen pieces including a 90-second operating dishwasher, stove, ovens and more make this space our very own dream kitchen.


Gold and Black Gyms

Basketball and volleyball players unite! This 37,000 sq. ft. space holds many Intramural Sports games, pick up games and more. Each side of the Gold and Black Gyms has three courts that are lined for basketball or volleyball.


Feature Gym:

This 6,700 sq. ft.  signature space is located in the heart of the atrium, lined for basketball and volleyball. With floor to ceiling windows on all four sides, the Feature Gym is the place to be and be seen. Equipped with theatrical lighting and sound, it can also accommodate large presentations, banquets or meetings.


Upper Gym:

Need more gym space? We got you covered. The 18,000 sq. ft.  Upper Gym has three courts all lined for basketball and volleyball. The center court is also lined for badminton. Bonus: you’ll find natural light in this space. 




Multipurpose Activity Court (MAC)

With 15,000 sq. ft., this space has plenty of room for activities including volleyball, pickelball, and badminton. 


Atrium Track:

At 9.5 laps per mile, three lanes wide, with a 14mm thick synthetic floor, the atrium track provides a premier indoor running venue. In just one trip around this track, you are able to experience a wide variety of the activities RecWell has to offer our patrons; you’ll see the top of the climbing wall all the way down to overlook the rec pool.


Upper Track:

At 10.25 laps per mile, two lanes wide, with a Mondo track surface, this track provides a much more private feel. Located on the fourth floor, it provides a great alternative to the atrium track for the runner who wants a little less distraction.

Conference Rooms

Howard Taylor Conference Room:

This elegant meeting room is one of our most popular spaces. The standard set up is classroom style for 72. The room has a beautiful view of Krach Lawn and can easily meet all of your AV needs with wireless presenting. It also comes with two tables in the back of the room for refreshments.


Large Conference Room:

The 750 sq. ft. Large Conference Room is located in the heart of the main floor. Nicely appointed with natural maple finishes, this room is “large” in style and is equipped with a full complement of AV equipment to satisfy most meetings/conference needs. Standard seating is 24 boardroom style, but it can hold additional people. 


Small Conference Room:

Located on Level 1 next to the Equipment Center, the 308 sq. ft. Small Conference is capable of hosting meetings comfortably for 16 and is equipped with a large display for presenting. 


Wellness Conference Room:

This 480 sq. ft.  meeting room draws its name from its location immediately adjacent to the Wellness Suite on the second level. This room is uniquely equipped with a moveable wall that expands the seating capacity for the Demonstration Kitchen, however it is also equipped with AV to function as a stand-alone conference room. Our staff can arrange  seating from 16 in conference layout or up to 35 for meetings or presentations. 


Rec Pool Classroom:

Nestled immediately adjacent to the new Rec Pool, this 500 sq. ft. meeting room is ideal for meetings and classes that need quick access to the water. Equipped with a large screen and AV equipment the wet classroom can also be used to host social functions, birthday parties, etc.




Multipurpose Rooms

F45 Studio:

1,900 sq. ft. The F stands for functional training, a mix of circuit and HIIT style workouts geared towards everyday movement. 45 is the total amount of time for sweat-dripping, heart-pumping fun. Reserve your spot using the RecWell app.

Multipurpose Room 2:

1,900 sq. ft. Furnished with a highly resilient wood floor, mirrors and sound system. Great space to reserve for dance, movement arts and occasional meetings. 


Multipurpose Room 3:

MP3 is 1,500 sq. ft. space that is ideal for stretching.


Multipurpose Room 4:

This beautiful 1,100 sq. ft. space has  22 ft high ceilings and a banner of windows above ground, MP4 feels nothing like a basement as natural light fills the space for all activities.


Multipurpose Room 5:

MP5 is a 5,100 sq. ft. space that is equipped with mirrors, a sound system and is great for dance and large group exercise classes. Serving as the “home” for the fencing club, the entire room is also striped with fencing pistes.


Multipurpose Rooms 6 and 7:

At 1,750 sq. ft. each, MP6 and MP7 have stunning views of the main campus. Each room has high ceilings, highly resilient wood floors, mirrors, multi-height ballet bars and sound systems. Designed primarily to host group fitness classes, MP6 and 7 are great for dance, movement arts and occasional meetings.

Racquetball, Handball, Wallyball, Squash Courts
RecWell has ten courts that can be used for racquetball, handball, and wallyball. We have six courts equipped with back walls that allow the court to be either squash or racquetball. Court 7 in the basement has a glass back wall and adjoining spectator seating.
With approximately 34,000 square feet of synthetic turf, TREC is home to a multitude of activities. While soccer has priority most of the time, it can also provide a great space for flag football, ultimate frisbee, and a variety of other club practices and Intramural Sports.

Fitness Equipment

Our facility contains a variety of fitness neighborhoods with differing fitness atmospheres and environments to meet the diverse needs and interests of the Purdue University community.  The neighborhoods contain state-of-the-art resistance, cardiorespiratory, and functional equipment on all five floors in our facility.

Cardio Equipment

Brand/Unit Location (Quantity)
Keiser Mezzanine East (8); Fac/Staff (2)
Life Fitness Recumbent Loft (3); Upper Fitness (1); Mezzanine (2); Fac/Staff (2)
Livestrong Loft (6)
Matrix Recumbent Colby (10); Pavilion (3); Loft (1); Mezzanine East (2)
Matrix Upright Colby (9); Pavilion (2); Loft (4); Mezzanine (4)
Octane Pavilion (1)
Cross Trainers
Brand/Unit Location (Quantity)
Cybex Colby (8); Upper Fitness (4)
Matrix Ascent Colby (3); Loft (3); Upper Fitness (3); Mezzanine (1); Mezzanine East (4)
Matrix Climbmill Pavilion (3); Upper Fitness (2)
Matrix Erg Colby (3)
Matrix Stepper Colby (3); Loft (3)
Octane Elliptical Colby (4); Loft (4); Upper Fitness (3); Mezzanine (4); Fac/Staff (1)
Octane Lateral Pavilion (1); Loft (2)
Precor AMT Colby (6); Pavilion (2); Loft (4); Upper Fitness (3); Mezzanine (1)
Precor EFX Elliptical Colby (6); Pavilion (3); Loft (2); Upper Fitness (2); Mezzanine (1); Fac/Staff (3)
Treadmills and Other Equipment
Brand/Unit Location (Quantity)
Technogym Erg Loft (1)
Concept 2 Rower Colby (8); Mezzanine (3); Mezzanine East (2); Fac/Staff (1)
Life Fitness Treadmill Pavilion (5); Loft (4); Upper Fitness (1)
Matrix Treadmill Colby (10); Pavilion (2); Loft (3); Upper Fitness (2)
Precor Treadmill Colby (10); Upper Fitness (1); Fac/Staff (2)
Woodway Treadmill Colby (10); Pavilion (3); Loft (7); Upper Fitness (3); Fac/Staff (3)
Woodway Curve Treadmill Mezzanine (4)

Strength Equipment

Cable Units
Brand/Unit Location (Quantity)
Life Fitness Multi-Jungle Pavilion (1); Colby (2)
Technogym Kinesis One Pavilion (2); Scifres (2)
Technogym Step/Squat Upper Fitness
Technogym Core Upper Fitness
Technogym Overhead Press Upper Fitness
Technogym Press Upper Fitness
Technogym High Pull Upper Fitness
Technogym Lat Pulldown Upper Fitness
Life Fitness Dual Cable Cross Scifres (2)
Life Fitness Dual Adjustable Pulleys Scifres (4)
Brand/Unit Location
Life Fitness Synergy Mezzanine
Dynamic Functional Rig East Colby
Marpo Dial VMX Rope Trainer Fac/Staff
Selectorized - Life Fitness
Brand/Unit Location
Hip Abductor Fac/Staff
Hip Adductor Fac/Staff
Abdominal Fac/Staff
Seated Leg Curl Fac/Staff
Leg Extension Fac/Staff
Seated Leg Press Fac/Staff
Torso Fac/Staff
Lat Pulldown Fac/Staff
Shoulder Press Fac/Staff
Row/Rear Delt Fac/Staff
Chest Press Fac/Staff
Back Extension Fac/Staff
Biceps Curl Fac/Staff
Triceps Press Fac/Staff
Lateral Raise Fac/Staff
Selectorized - Technogym
Brand/Unit Location
Row Pavilion
Chest Press Pavilion
Shoulder Press Pavilion
Leg Extension Pavilion
Leg Press Pavilion
Leg Curl Pavilion
Pec Fly Pavilion
Lat Pulldown Pavilion
Back Extension Pavilion
Hip Abduction Pavilion
Hip Adduction Pavilion
Bicep Curl Pavilion
Triceps Extension Pavilion
Abdominal Crunch Pavilion
Selectorized - Matrix
Brand/Unit Location (Quantity)
Glute Colby
Pec Fly Colby
Bicep Curl Colby
Triceps Press Colby
Shoulder Press Colby
Back Extension Colby
Lateral Raise Colby
Rotary Torso Colby (2)
Lat Pulldown Colby (2)
Seated Row Colby (2)
Chest Press Colby (2)
Abdominal Crunch Colby (2)
Hip Abductor Colby (2)
Hip Adductor  Colby (2)
Leg Extension Colby (2)
Seated Leg Curl Colby
Prone Curl Colby
Leg Press Colby (2)
Calf Extension Colby
Strength - Hammer Strength
Brand/Unit Location (Quantity)
Half-Racks East Fitness (6)
Adustable Benches Colby (11); Pavilion (2)
Incline Press East (3)
Military Press East (3)
Chin, Dip, Leg Raises East (2)
Ground Base Jammer East (2)
MTS V-Squat East (2)
Leg Press East (2)
Iso-Lateral Leg Press East
Super Horizontal Calf East
Flat Bench Press East (10)
Decline Bench Press East
Glute/Hamstring Raise East
Back Extensions East (2)
Seated Calf East
Mountain Decline Press Colby
Mountain Incline Press Colby
Flat Bench Colby
Smith Machine Colby
Preacher Curls Colby (2)
Decline to Ab Bench Colby (3)
Other Strength Equipment
Brand/Unit Location (Quantity)
Matrix Dual-Racks East Fitness (5)
Life Fitness Adjustable Bench Fac/Staff
Life Fitness Assisted Dip/Chin East
Flexibility Equipment
Brand/Unit Location (Quantity)
Technogym Anterior Mezzanine; Pavilion
Technogym Posterior Mezzanine; Pavilion (2)
TRUE Stretch Cage Scifres; Mezzanine