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Trees and Electric LinesElectrical utility lines serve nearly every neighborhood, adding efficiency and luxury to every day of our lives.

Likewise, trees enhance our neighborhoods and bring beauty to our surroundings. Trees improve our air and water quality. They shade our homes, screen undesirable views, and help reduce noise along with many other ecosystem services.

We want both.

Purdue FNR Urban Forestry Specialist Lindsey Purcell addresses the conflicts that sometimes arise when trees and electrical lines must share space and ways to avoid them in his latest publication “Trees and Electric Lines“. Check out the publication to learn more about how to avoid boundary issues, safety concerns, power outages, and more while dealing with trees and electric lines.

Trees and Electric Lines – The Education Store, Purdue Extension Resouce Center
Tree Risk Management – The Education Store
Trees and Storms – The Education Store
Urban Forestry and Arboriculture – Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources
Power Friendly Trees – Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Lindsey Purcell, Urban Forestry Specialist
Purdue University Department of Forestry and Natural Resources

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