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treeDamagePicWith storm season just around the corner, one topic of concern on many minds is damage to and from trees. Depending on the intensity of the storms and the condition of the trees, damage from high winds, heavy rainfall, and lightning can be quite severe. Cracked or broken branches, stem failure, and root failure are some of the main concerns, but also the risk and liability of damage to people and property.

If your tree is damaged, there are some steps to deal with the situation. First and foremost, consider the safety of yourself and others around you. Inspect the tree from a distance first looking for the following:

  • Heaving of the ground indicating potential root failure
  • Damage to limbs and/or the trunk of the tree
  • Hanging branches can fall to the ground resulting in injury or death
  • Be aware of utility and power lines. Trees can become charged by coming in contact with live wires. All utility lines should be considered energized and dangerous.

If you find your trees damaged from a storm hiring an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist to perform a risk assessment will help guide your decision of how to manage your tree. To find an arborist near you and verify credentials use the link at Find an Arborist, Trees are Good, International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). For more information, you can also view the publication, Trees and Storms, located in The Education Store, Purdue Extension’s resource center.

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