Latest Publications

Title Author Item # Pub Date Category
The Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment: Indiana Forestry and Wildlife Andy Meier, Andie Pizzo, Jeffrey K. Riegel, John B. Dunning, Melissa Malloy FNR-500-W 6/18/2015 Forest and Plantation Management
Hardwood Lumber and Veneer Species
Land Use
How Our Zoos Help Hellbenders Burgmeier, Nicholas; Plis, Bryan, Piropato, Cheryl, McGinnity, Dale, Groves, John D, Shields, Noah, Williams, Rod N. FNR-544-W 5/30/2017 Wildlife
Considerations for Trapping Nuisance Wildlife with Box Traps Brian MacGowan; Rick Shadel FNR-571-W 3/4/2019 Wildlife

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