Aquaculture & Aquatics

With the aquaculture industry growing the need for resources is important. Our resources include: shrimp and fish farming, aquaponics, invasive species, aquaculture economics, marketing and production.

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Forests, Woodlands & Trees

Forests and woodlots are constantly changing. To get the most out of your property to meet your wildlife, recreational, aesthetic or economic goals, some type of regular management will be...

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Environmental Planning

Faculty and staff in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources (FNR) are engaged in environmental planning around the state. Extension programs help managers and decision-makers improve Indiana's natural resource...

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Urban Forestry

Trees are a major part of our community environment. Although trees have been an important part of human settlements throughout history, only recently has their full value to cities and...

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The principles and concepts of managing for wildlife in your yard are really the same as large parcels of land – all wildlife need food, water, cover and space in...

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Wood Products

We assist wood products manufacturers and consumers in gaining the greatest benefit from responsible use of wood by developing new knowledge to reduce raw material costs, improve processing technologies and...

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