Name Title Expertise Phone Email
Archer, Angie Multimedia Specialist web specialist 765.496.3722
Beugly, Jay Aquatics Ecology Specialist aquatic ecosystem research, outreach. 765.494.2930
Brooke, Jarred Wildlife Extension Specialist Wildlife 765.494.8459
Burgmeier, Nicholas Research Biologist and Wildlife Extension Specialist herpetology 812.767.0057
Carlson, Don Forester forest management, outreach, wood products 812-458-6978
Cassens, Daniel Professor of Wood Products wood products manufacturing, hardwood lumber grading, log scaling 765.494.3644
Eckelman, Carl Professor of Wood Products wood technology, furniture design and manufacture, wood products manufacturing 765.494.3640
Evans, Diana Extension Information Coordinator/Department Web Support global resource requests, state-wide NR community, web designer, Got Nature? blog site, forestry and natural resources web support 765.494.3583
Farlee, Lenny Sustaining Hardwood Extension Specialist forest regeneration, hardwood management, genetics 765.494.2153
Foley, Carolyn Assistant Research Coordinator IL-IN Sea Grant - aquatic ecosystem research, outreach coordinator. 765.494.3601
Gazo, Rado Professor of Wood Processing and Industrial Engineering secondary wood products manufacturing processes. 795.494.3634
Haviarova, Eva Associate Professor of Wood Products strength design & product engineering of furniture, new direction for emerging furniture design challenges, low cost furniture for underprivileged 765.494.3619
Jackson, Liz Manager Walnut Cncl/IFWOA & Engage Spec walnut, sustaining hardwood ecosystems, forest regeneration, landowners, outreach. 765.583.3501
MacGowan, Brian Wildlife Extension Specialist wildlife habitat management, wildlife conservation, wildlife damage 765.647.3538
Prokopy, Linda Professor of Natural Resources Social Science social dimensions of watershed management, climate change and agriculture 765.496.2221
Purcell, Lindsey Urban Forestry Specialist tree installation and maintenance, plant health care, urban forestry ecology, arboricultural practices 765.494.3625
Quagrainie, Kwamena Aquaculture Marketing Director/Associate Professor aquaculture economics, seafood marketing and trade, aquaculture farm management 765.494.4200
Rathfon, Ron Regional Extension Forester SIPAC forest management, timber marketing, tree planting, oak regeneration and ecology, invasive vegetation management 812.678.5049
Rode, Bob Aquaculture Research Lab Manager aquaculture, aquaponics, aquaculture farm management 765.583.0351
Salazar, Kara Sustainable Communities Extension Specialist natural resource planning, land use, community development, recycling, green infrastructure, water conservation. 765.496.1070
Saunders, Michael Associate Professor of Ecology and Natural Resources disturbance-based silviculture, growth and yield modeling, disturbance ecology, management effects on wood quality 765.430.1440
Wagner, Robert G. Department Head 765.494.3590
Walker, Daniel Community Planning Extension Specialist 765.496.2422
Williams, Rod Associate Head for Extension and Associate Professor of Wildlife Science herpetology, ecology, conservation, youth education 765.494.3568
Zischke, Mitchell Research and Outreach Fisheries Scientist 765.494.3601