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Forestry Career Development Event

Learn about forest ecosystems, forestry management and the utilization of forest products. You will learn how to identify trees by leaves, seeds and woods; develop leadership skills and practice good study habits; and learn how to manage Indiana’s forest resources.

Got Nature?

Find the resources you need from our Purdue scientists, researchers and specialists in this blog with the category titled “Got Nature for Kids.” Ask the specialists a question.

Listen to specialists share information and solutions on sustaining our natural resources. Check out the Got Nature? Podcast series and Got Nature? on iTunes.

Help the Hellbender

Protecting the hellbender will take decades of continuous care and conservation effort. This website offers a variety of materials that are targeted to younger audiences. These include a downloadable poster, help the hellbender sticker, printable coloring pages and how to sight a hellbender. The best way you can help the hellbenders are to experience nature firsthand.

Lugar-Purdue Future of Forestry Program and Scholarship

This curriculum is designed to mimic a typical field trip-based curriculum. The activities have been created so that each “Pre-Visit Activity” forms the basis for the “Online ‘Virtual Visit’ Activity.” Then a “Post-Visit Activity” reinforces and wraps up the subject matter.

The following activities are divided into two grade level groups. Each curriculum features ready-to-play online activities and ready-to-print activities and lesson plans. Click the activity names in the curriculum tables to view a description of the selected activity and download materials or launch the activity.

The Nature of Teaching

The Nature of Teaching is the place to go for teaching resources that focus on nature. On this website, teachers can find free lesson plans, printables, posters, a photo library, information on upcoming workshops and more. Check out the new blog site and add your comments and suggestions.

Purdue zipTrips – It’s a Gene Thing

Purdue zipTrips are FREE electronic field trips connecting students across the country with scientists in real time! In this zipTrip, learn how Purdue scientists are studying the building blocks of life. This visit starts with a look at how researching genetic combinations in mice teaches us more about human life. And something fishy is happening! A fish geneticist takes us to Alaska, an aquaculture farm and LIVE to her lab as she tries to find out why certain fish travel the globe. Then get ready to use your scientific inquiry skills to help Purdue wildlife geneticists track tiger salamanders to find out more about the heredity of this species.

Purdue Agriculture PK-12 Program

The program is comprised of representatives from every department and unit in the College of Agriculture. The program is dedicated to promoting faculty, staff and student efforts to interact with PK-12 teachers, students and parents. The program does this by creating opportunities for networking and sharing of resources.

Additional Resources

Check out the Purdue Agriculture PK-12 website as it has resources to aid in engaging youth through several programs and outreach activities.

View Purdue P-12 and see the rich history we have of serving the community.

4-H Indiana provides real-life educational opportunities that develop young people who positively impact their community and world.

Got Nature?