Property Accounting Forms

Property Accounting forms are now electronic – (Formerly University paper forms – Form ECS – Equipment Change in Status, Form POC – Property Off Campus, and Form CAF- Change in Asset Funding.) QRC

Sign in OnePurdue Portal 

Click on “Finance Launchpad”

Click on “Property Accounting”

  • Cannibalize – To take a part and reuse parts of capital equipment. 
  • Change in Location – Change the physical location of capital equipment. 
  • Donation – Request for donation to a non-profit outside entity. 
  • Inventory Reconciliation – Respond to your department’s physical inventory reconciliation. 
  • Property Off Campus – Request to use Capital equipment off campus for University use. 
  • Other – To report capital assets being traded in and other capital asset needs. 
  • Send to WL Warehouse – Equipment or any other excess items to be sent to the warehouse for disposal or sale. 
  • Stolen – Report all thefts to the Purdue Police first and then complete this for any capital assets that were stolen. 
  • Transfer out of Purdue – Transfer equipment to an outside entity with a transfer agreement. 
  • Transfer Ownership – Capital assets that transferred from one department to another.