Judging Information

The success of the Purdue Undergraduate Research Conference (PURC) is due in large part to the many judges that provide feedback to the student presenters throughout the Conference. In addition to student feedback, the scores are used to disperse the several presentation awards.

Judge Registration Link

Judges should register through the Qualtrics Form as soon as possible to indicate their interest and availability during the Purdue Undergraduate Research Conference's poster symposia.

Notification of Judging

Judges will receive notification at least when they will judge posters during the poster symposia before the event by the individual college representative. It is anticipated that everyone who registers to judge during the poster symposia will receive a response, but if you do not hear a specific time, your availability may not have matched what was needed. You are encouraged to attend the event and connect with the judges' registration desk later in the morning and/or afternoon session to offer help to cover for judges who may not have shown up.

Judging Rubric

The PURC Judging Rubric is essential to ensuring posters are evaluated fairly and to know what is expected from a poster. Rubrics will be available that day, but it is best to review the document before the event to become familiar with how the various components of a poster presentation are evaluated.

Day-of Process

  1. Judges selected to participate should arrive at least 10 minutes before their scheduled time.
  2. The judges' registration tables will be in the south hallway of the South Ballroom in the Purdue Memorial Union.
  3. You will check-in, receive a nametag, and be offered a tablet if you do not own a smartphone or tablet (see next section).
  4. You may begin judging. Student presenters have been informed they must be at their poster during the entire session. However, if they are absent, they may leave a note of when they will return or you can return to the poster at a later time during the session. If you must leave before a presenter returns, please inform the judges' registration table of the poster number to arrange alternate judges, if available.
  5. When done judging, you will check-out with the judges' registration table. During this time, you may indicate if you have additional time to volunteer to judge additional posters whose judges have not shown up and to return a tablet if you borrowed one.

Day-of Judging Forms

Those selected to judge during the poster symposia will receive a link to the actual Qualtrics form to evaluate posters the day before the symposia. Tablets will also be available during the symposia that you can use if you do not possess a smart device or do not feel comfortable using it. A small number of paper evaluations will be available for those who are not comfortable with using a smartphone or tablet for evaluating posters.

Before then, individuals who register to be considered a judge are encouraged to practice with the "play" Qualtrics Form (to be linked in Spring 2020) to become familiar with the process. You may use your phone or tablet for assessing posters.


For questions before the event, please contact UGResearch@purdue.edu.

For questions the day of the event, please stop by the judges' registration table on the south entrance of the South Ballroom in the Purdue Memorial Union.