Enter OURConnect

OURConnect, Purdue's undergraduate research and mentoring application system, is designed to connect undergraduates with research mentors with open opportunities. OURConnect is divided into undergraduate research programs that students can apply into and individual research opportunities with research mentors.

Be sure to read through the expectations and the program qualifications, if applicable, before applying. Some research programs have eligibility requirements. It is strongly encouraged to examine the program's purpose and/or research mentor's background before submitting your application. You can utilize the "Get Started" page to help you begin the process. Applicants are eligible to apply to multiple research opportunities, but may only be selected for one.

Two things to consider when using OURConnect:

  1. Not all undergraduate research opportunities are posted. Research mentors may not post positions but will consider interested students for their project, if asked.
  2. If you have any questions about the OURConnect system, email ourconnect@purdue.edu. If you have questions about a particular project, email the project's contact person.

How-to Guides Available

If you need assistance getting started in undergraduate research and feel overwhelmed or unsure where to begin, please email UGResearch@purdue.edu.

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