Summer Research Program Information

In an effort to support summer undergraduate research program directors and administrators, this page will be updated with information that can be useful when launching a program and getting prepared each year.

General Purdue Logistics for Undergraduate Researcher Programs - Google Docs

This document is a collection of important information that other program directors have indicated should be included. If there is an area that is not covered, please email and we will look into the area and include it to help others who may have the same question.

Summer 2021 Protect Purdue Guidelines

The Purdue Office of Undergraduate Research is collecting information on undergraduate research programs and individual research projects to assist campus operations for Summer 2021. Anyone who oversees a formal undergraduate research program and/or individual research project is asked to upload their program details through this Qualtrics form.
Program administrators: If you administer a formal, defined URE program, please complete this form with your program's specific characteristics.
Research mentors: Please complete this form only if you operate your research project outside of a formal URE program. If your project is part of an existing URE program, your student(s) will be accounted for by that program's administrator.

Summer 2021 Program Updates
(To update or include your program, please email

  • Agricultural Data Science REEU - Offering summer research
  • Biochemistry REU - Offering summer research
  • Colombian Research Partnership - Available
  • Data Mine - Unsure
  • Discovery Park Undergraduate Research Internship Program (DURI) - Offering remote or in-person summer research
  • Network for Computational Nanotechnology - Offering remote summer research
  • Pharmacy - Offering remote summer research
  • Physics REU - Offering remote summer research
  • PURE India - Canceled
  • Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) - Offering summer research
  • Summer Stay Scholars - Offering summer research
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) - Offering summer research

Summer Undergraduate Research Program Meetings

The OUR facilitates discussions among the various summer research programs across campus to help be more efficient with common summer workshops, socials, and challenges. If you would like to be included on the email list to receive invites and updates, please email