Many resources are available to help students find research opportunities, prepare to be successful in research, and leverage research experiences to further their educational objectives. The following is a list of some other resources that may be useful:

Undergraduate Research Learning Contract

Undergraduate researchers can submit a completed Undergraduate Research Learning Contract after collaborating with their research mentor to the Office of Undergraduate Research. This helps us keep track of undergraduate researchers and projects.

**This contract does not sign you up for course credit. Contact your research mentor for this process.**

Library Resources

Learning Modules

Undergraduate research experiences will develop many skills graduate/professional programs and employers will seek after you graduate such as critical thinking, initiative, professionalism, and communication. The Office of Undergraduate Research has compiled a learning module collection to assist aspiring and current undergraduate researchers make their experience a positive and effective experience.

What does research involve?

So what is involved in research? What would you be doing, exactly? It all depends on your particular field of study. Those in the liberal arts, social sciences, business and economics might begin with researching journal articles on a subject. Sometimes you may be collecting data through interviews, observations or surveys, then analyzing that data to find patterns. Those in engineering or sciences may spend the bulk of their time conducting laboratory research, experiments, equipment and lab maintenance, and preparing samples. Ultimately, it depends on the questions you are trying to answer, but rest assured, research is an exciting experience!