Celebrate FAQs

How do I apply to present?

The application process is completed online. If you have problems, please email us UGResearch@purdue.edu.

Can I still apply if I am still in the early stages of my research?

Yes. Your research project does not have to be completed to be considered. Many students present ongoing research with preliminary results or anticipated findings. Students also submit to present knowing that by the time of Celebrate they will have a more robust product.

Can I submit applications for more than one research project?

No, only one application per student.

What format should I submit for my project?

The limits of your imagination. If you have a project that involves an open space, music, large areas, etc., we will try our best to accommodate it. In the past, we have had airplanes, robots, vehicles, and light shows with sensors. However, you cannot bring oil or other flammable materials into the space. Student presenters' solution has been to remove engines or to clean them out before bringing them.

What space is allocated to me?

Each submission will receive a 6' table. If additional space is needed, this should be noted on the application. You should also include if electricity is needed or if special accommodations are needed for getting the project in South Ballroom.

Can I bring a poster?

You may bring a poster if it is to supplement what you will be displaying, showing, or engaging with during the event. This is not a poster symposium. If you do bring a poster, there are NOT display boards to place your poster up, so you should mount your poster on a foam-core board. Limited easels are available and should be noted in your application if needed.