Additional Purdue Conferences

Beyond the OUR research conferences each semester, other units host conferences on-campus where undergraduates can present their work. Many of these conferences provide some sort of award for top presenters. It is important to remember to speak with your research mentor or advisor before applying to conferences to ensure it is okay to present your work.

If you know of a Purdue conference where undergraduates can showcase their work, please email to add it to the list. If a conference has passed, consider it for the following year as many of these are annual opportunities.


April 24, 2024
Data Mine Corporate Partners Symposium


February 29, 2024
Engagement & Service-Learning Summit & Poster Showcase

November 9, 2023
Purdue GIS Day

October 25, 2023
Institute for a Sustainable Research Expo

April 11, 2023
Shah Lab I2D Exposition

April 4, 2023
Institute for a Sustainable Future Annual Research Expo & Reception

October 4, 2022
Research Computing Cyberinfrastructure Symposium