Judging Information

The success of an undergraduate research conference is due in large part to the many judges who provide feedback to the student presenters throughout the conference. In addition to student feedback, the scores are used to disperse several presentation awards.

In-person Poster Symposium: Nov. 19 in PMU Ballrooms with four sessions: 9-10, 10:30-11:30, 12-1, & 1:30-2:30
In-person Research Talks: Nov. 21 in STEW 214 from 9am-5pm
Virtual Conference: Nov. 19-26 with no live sessions (judging from Nov. 19-22)

Judge Interest Application Link

To identify your interest and availability, please use one of the following forms: 

  • Faculty, staff, post-docs, Purdue retirees, and graduate students with active BoilerKey access should use this Purdue Judge Form. 
  • Anyone else (alums, parents, friends, industry professionals, community, etc.) without BoilerKey access should use this Community Judge Form (link to come) to judge in-person posters or talks. (Due to the sensitive nature of the research data presentations, people without BoilerKey access will not be able to view/judge the virtual presentations.) 
  • Undergraduate students who wish to provide peer feedback do not need to register in advance. Directions for undergraduate students are available at the student check-in table at the events. 

You may select more than one way to judge. For the poster symposia, you will indicate which session(s) you can judge. For the research talks, we will use the availability you include to create a schedule and send that to you. Virtual presentations will be assigned closer to the event. 

We anticipate many more in-person presentations than virtual presentations. Judges' feedback will be used to make the final decision on which poster presenters receive awards.

Logistics for Different Types of Presentations

In-person Poster Symposium - November 19 in PMU Ballrooms

Judges will be assigned posters as they check-in to the poster symposium on November 19. This process will ensure all posters are evaluated equitably for feedback to the presenters and for the colleges for making award decisions. The goal of the poster symposium is for student presenters to consider a generally educated audience, which allows for this general judging process. Judges are encouraged to bring a handheld device (tablet or phone) to use. 

In-person Research Talks - November 21 in STEW 214

Judges will be assigned research talk sessions prior to the event based on their availability and the timing of the presentation sessions. The goal of the research talks is for student presenters to consider a generally educated audience, which allows for this general judging process. The evaluations will use Qualtrics to tabulate scores and feedback. This link will be provided prior to the poster symposium. Judges are encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet to use that day.

Virtual Conference

Judges will be able to evaluate posters online from Nov. 19-22. Judges will be assigned presentations to evaluate prior to the virtual conference and will complete a Qualtrics judging form for each presentation. Students have 7 minutes for their presentations. You would not be expected to attend a session or watch a live session for the virtual conference presentations.


Judging Rubrics

Posters | Research Talks | Virtual Presentations

*Rubrics will be updated and linked here. 


Notification of Judging

Judges will receive a notification with procedures and times as the event gets closer.


For questions before an in-person event, please contact UGResearch@purdue.edu.

For questions on the day of an in-person event, please stop by the registration table during the event.

Information on flier is on this page. Right-click and save to distribute. (8.5"x11")