CURE—Purdue Program

The CURE—Purdue program trains and supports instructors to incorporate novel research into existing or new courses to create course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs). The leading barrier to instructors developing a new CURE is time. CURE—Purdue offers a professional development program through which instructors across a range of disciplines will have dedicated time and support for designing a CURE. Participants in the CURE—Purdue program will be provided with frameworks for course design along with one-on-one instructor mentorship and peer support.

The CURE—Purdue program is comprised of four components:  

  1. a flipped format workshop with asynchronous preparatory work and a two-day synchronous in-person workshop. 
  2. one-on-one consultation support following the workshop,
  3. peer support via community of practice virtual meetings during the academic year, and
  4. continued mentoring and access to resources during the implementation and assessment of their CURE.

CUREs provide a larger number of students with access to valuable experiential learning opportunities in which they will learn and use the practices of their disciplines and be a part of the discovery of new knowledge! 

How to apply to the 2024-2025 CURE—Purdue program 

We are unable to host a 2024-2025 cohort of the CURE-Purdue program but we are committed to supporting increasing students' access to research within courses. Please contact us through OUR Consulting for support to add research components to courses you teach.

We continue to pursue alternative program funding options. Please contact to let us know if you are interested in receiving updates about future offerings of the program.