Previous Participant Statements

100% of workshop participants...

  1. feel more prepared to design and teach a CURE after the workshop.
  2. were satisfied with the workshop.

What they said:

"There is something to be said about the ad hoc nature of typical research experiences, but I am expecting that this more formal class-like setting scales better, given that our students bring such a wide range of motivations..."

"... the defining useful A+ feature for me was the built-in time to actually work. I wouldn't have done it without that, but it'll make for a much better course."

"Although undergraduate research is considered an important and essential component of many programs, there are too many students at most R1 universities to provide these experiences in the traditional research lab format."

"This workshop was very useful in introducing faculty to CURE courses, providing a framework for structuring our own CURE classes, and developing a cohort of fellow faculty with whom we can consult as we develop and work to improve these new courses."