Recharge Forms, Transaction Codes and Tools/References

Several of the forms have been updated and now reflect the SAP language. Please note – all of the worksheets required for submission with the rate requests have been combined into a ‘Rate Submission Packet’. The packet includes an S&W Schedule (can use single salary rate or multiple salary rate sheet – it is not required to use both), a Statement of Income and Expense (which includes the projected fund balance), and a template to use for Calculation of the Rate (this template is not required, but some form of a rate calculation is required).

Recharge Center QuestionnaireBusiness Office Rate Preparation Questionnaire (New or Revised)
Rate Submission PacketRate Submission Packet * UPDATED 8.24.21*
Recharge TemplateRate Approval Memo

Forms are in various formats. They can be accessed by clicking on the form name. You will then be prompted to save the file on your hard drive or network drive.

Recharge Center QuestionnaireBusiness Office Rate Preparation Questionnaire (New or Revised)
Recharge ChecklistRecharge Checklist
Rate Approval Delegation MemoApproval delegation instructions per memo dated 3/1/2022
Rate Setting Cycle Flow ChartRate Setting Cycle Flow Chart
Identification of Recharge Center TypeIdentification of Recharge Center Type

Transaction Code Help

To pull detailed information for the Statement of Income and Expense worksheet, please run the Cognos Report Statement of Financial Activity.

To determine the recharge center account balance and available balance upper tolerance view the Cognos Report Account Balance Listing.

Depreciation Recovery Additional Info/Help

Depreciation Recovery ExamplesExamples outlining the need for depreciation recovery, and how not transferring the correct amount to the depreciation recovery account will affect fund balance in your recharge center operating fund.