Property Accounting Forms

Property Accounting forms are now electronic - (Formerly University paper forms - Form ECS – Equipment Change in Status, Form POC – Property Off Campus, and Form CAF- Change in Asset Funding.)

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  • Use Cannibalize when equipment is no longer useable in it’s current state but has parts that can be removed and repurposed. A department may cannibalize by department (take apart and reuse parts) following the Media Disposal Guidelines outlined by ITaP. A department responding to a physical inventory with an asset being identified as “unusable” (non-working) condition, and the asset was cannibalized for parts. 

    • All junk to poor refrigerators, freezers, or equipment with Freon must be sent to Physical Facilities Refrigeration Shop for disposal. This includes all lab refrigerators that have stored chemicals, hazardous waste or animals. A Work Order must be completed for the pickup and disposal of the item by the Refrigeration Shop. The Property Accounting electronic form will trigger dispose of the asset in SAP.  
    • For more details on how to fill out the electronic form see our Disposing of Equipment via Cannibalization at Business @ Purdue. 

  • Use Change in Location when a capital asset within a department’s responsibility is moving to a different campus location or there is a change in the person responsible for the asset. 

    • If a lab or office moves from one location to another, request to change in location for the Building/room location only. 
    • If responsible staff member changes, request the contact person to be changed only.  This will not change the location of the asset, only the contact person. 
    • If location is changing with responsible person, enter both individual and location information.
    For more details on how to fill out the form see our Changing the Location of Equipment at Business @ Purdue. 

  • Periodically equipment may be identified which is sufficiently old or obsolete that it has virtually no value to the University.  Such items, though possibly operable, may be essentially unsalable. When the priority options of transferring the equipment to other campus locations and the possibility of sale to an outside entity have been exhausted, department heads may be authorized by the Comptroller to donate the equipment to nonprofit organizations. The University does not provide warranties to the recipient organization for the donated equipment nor pay for shipping or installation costs. Requests should be submitted and should include:

    • a statement that the equipment is in excess of the University needs and the basis for that determination
    • a statement that there is no possibility of sale to an outside entity and the basis for that determination
    • the name and nature (if not obvious) of the proposed receiving nonprofit organization
    • an indication of how or why that organization was selected
    • confirmation of unrestricted ownership by the department or by Sponsored Program Services if the original source of funds was a grant or contract
    • a completed Property Accounting Electronic Form “Request for Donation”
    • For more details on how to fill out the form see our Donating Equipment to an Outside Entity at Business @ Purdue. 

  • The Property Accounting team conducts physical inventories of the West Lafayette campus, local farms and agricultural centers with the help from departments.  Inventories performed at the satellite campuses, Extension offices, and Statewide technology sites are handled jointly between sites.  After they have exhausted all leads the Property Manager will send a list of assets not located during the inventory.  The department is responsible for locating the missing assets and responding to the outstanding inventory reconciliation by using Inventory Reconciliation request. 

  • To be in compliance with University and Office of Naval Research requirements, submitting a request for use of capital assets taken off campus is required.  Capital assets are University equipment with an inventory tag or acquisition that cost more than $5,000. 

    Laptops may be registered online with the Purdue Police Department via the Laptop Computer Registration Form. Registrations will assist Purdue police in the event a laptop is stolen. It also allows the PUPD to enter laptops into a stolen property database that connects with other law enforcement agencies throughout the United States in reporting stolen and the recovery of laptops.

  • Use Other for any scenario or situation that does not fall within any of the other requests, for example trade-ins.   Departments responding to a physical inventory with an asset being identified as “unusable” (non-working) condition and retaining the asset, and any other necessary actions with an explanation of your request.  Ft Wayne campus needs to complete an “other” request when sending their excess equipment to the Ft Wayne Warehouse for sale/disposal.

    • For more details on how to fill out the form see our Other at Business @ Purdue.

  • Use Sending Items to WL Warehouse when a University department identifies excess equipment.  Departments should submit a request for pick up from Purdue Warehouse & Surplus Store.  Selection can also be used when a department is responding to a physical inventory with an asset being identified as “unusable” (non-working condition and the asset cannot be repaired). 

    • All items in fair to good condition are to be advertised on the Billboard for 14 calendar days before the form will be approved for pickup or delivery to Purdue Surplus. The advertisement ID # listed on your approved email must be referenced on the electronic request for processing. More information can be found on the Billboard Website .   All items in junk - poor condition need not be advertised.
    • In completing a this request  please fill all information in which includes contact name, phone, location bldg & room where items are located, be sure to include the fund and cost center for any profit from the sale.  List details of the items with serial numbers & inventory numbers to be sent to Purdue Surplus. 
    • If any of the items being sent contains any of the following materials please indicate in the comment field – Chemicals, Mercury, Freon, Asbestos, Radioactive Materials. 
    • Please refer to Purdue’s Disposal Procedure for more information.

  • Use Stolen when equipment has been reported Stolen from it’s location.  All stolen equipment must be reported immediately to the Purdue University Police Department (765-494-8221) upon discovery of the theft. Local police should be contacted for thefts occurring off campus.  This request will be initiated by the department to dispose of the asset and record it as being stolen. 

  • The ability to transfer a sponsored project from Purdue to another institution is dependent upon the regulations and policies of the sponsoring agency and those of Purdue University. Policies vary widely between sponsors and the PI is strongly encouraged to contact the appropriate SPS post-award area contact for specific information as soon as possible after deciding to move to another institution.  Once the PI/department receives an email from SPS with the approved transfer agreement, then a request for Transfer Out of Purdue needs to be submitted.  

  • Use Transfer of Ownership when ownership of equipment is transferred from one department to another. The current department who owns the equipment should be the preparer and approver of the form.  If money is being exchanged, include JV entry for the movement of any funds.  This request will take place of a Journal Voucher/Parked document.