Cost Distribution/Effort Reporting

Cost Distribution

Cost Distribution (IT27)

Cost Override Form

Allows departments to change the cost distribution to payments submitted on the ADPAY form.

The DocuSign form routes for supervisor and fiscal approval.

Cost Override through EC Time

Effort Reporting

Effort Reporting Policy
SEEMLESS and Effort Reporting Process

Purdue University Effort Reporting Process 

The online SEEMLESS (Summer Employment and Effort Management Leading Efficiency through a Simple Solution) application replaces paper PARs, beginning with the summer PAR period, May 1 through August 31, 2018.

  • Business offices and faculty will access SEEMLESS to view PARs.
  • Similar to today, faculty must verify their effort. The business office will view and approve.
  • Once central office review and it is ‘certified.’ The PAR is locked.

How it works for Summer PAR period:

  1. Information from Summer Pay prepopulates the PAR
  2. Faculty must verify PARs
    • A PAR can be assigned to one or more faculty for review, but only one faculty can sign the PAR
  3. Business office and/or faculty can edit PARs:
    • New cost distribution items can be added/deleted
    • Comments can be added/edited
    • Edits automatically feed the summary
Training Tools - Business Office
View and Edit PAR - Business Office
View and Edit PAR Delegates
View and Edit PAR Delegates  - Business Office
Add Faculty/Grad users to SEEMLESS
Add Faculty/Grad users to SEEMLESS 
PowerPoint - Effort Reporting
PowerPoint Effort Reporting - Business Office
Effort Reporting SEEMLESS Demo Video - Business Offices
Par Periods Effort Reporting
Faculty Training Resources
Effort Reporting and Cost Distribution for Payroll Periods Prior To January 1, 2019