Business Office for Student Organizations Krach Leadership Center - Room 365

Covid-19 Temporary Deposit Procedures

Covid -19 Temporary Deposit Process Details

The first step for all options below is to complete a Deposit Slip, which are available here. Deposit Slip Instructions can be found here.


On Campus Deposits

Krach Leadership Center is closed until further notice. Deposits are being accepted at the Bursar’s Office until Krach reopens. The Bursar’s Office is located on the ground floor of Hovde Hall. Follow the steps below to make deposits of both cash and checks while on campus.

  1. External doors to HOVD are locked.
  2. Email (copy ) the date and time you plan to be at HOVD.
  3. Amanda will contact the building deputy to let you in the building.
  4. Meet the building deputy at the east door of HOVD (facing the Bell Tower) at your designated time.
  5. Proceed to Room 5 and a cashier will assist you with your deposit.


  1. A Bursar’s Office drop box is located on the southeast side of the building, facing ELLT closest to the Bell Tower/
  2. Place your deposit slip and cash/checks in a sealed envelope.
  3. Place the envelope in the drop box slot.

 Off Campus Deposits

Follow the steps below to make deposits of both cash and checks while away from campus.

  1. If you have cash to deposit:
    1. Take the cash to a bank or credit union.
    2. Convert the cash into a bank check or cashiers check made payable to Purdue University. Do NOT convert to a money order.
    3. There may be a nominal fee associated with the bank/cashiers check. If so, keep your itemized receipt for reimbursement.
  2. Combine the bank/cashiers check with any additional checks received for deposit.
  3. Prepare a tracking sheet that includes the name, date, check number and dollar amount of each check, along with contact information for each check.
  4. Mail the deposit slip, bank/cashiers check and additional checks via US Postal Service - Certified Mail Signature Required to the address noted:
Purdue University
Business Office for Student Organizations
Krach Leadership Center, Room 365
West Lafayette, IN 47907
There’s no need to pay for expedited delivery, standard delivery time is perfectly
  1. The value of the package can be listed as minimal because the package is secure and the checks are    payable to Purdue or your organization.
  2. There’s no need to pay for additional insurance.
  3. There is a fee associated with shipping via Certified Mail Signature Required. Keep your itemized receipt for reimbursement and tracking purposes.
  4. Email with the tracking number, date sent and tracking sheet (from Step 3 above) once the deposit has been made.
  5. Notify your President/Treasurer that a deposit has been sent to BOSO and minimal banking/shipping costs were incurred.
  6. Follow standard protocol for reimbursement of expenses.

As always, please contact BOSO at (765) 494 – 6724 or with any questions.