Business Office for Student Organizations Krach Leadership Center - Room 365

Operating Procedures

Deposit of Funds: All cash and checks received by the student organization must be deposited to the student organization’s account.  DEPOSITS should be made promptly (within 30 days) at the Business Office for Student Organizations, Krach Leadership Building, Room 365 using Student Organization Deposit Slips. 

Income Codes can be found on the BOSO website under resources tab.

BOSO will take deposits Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If you have a deposit you wish to drop off after business hours, there is a night deposit drop located outside BOSO. Your night deposit must include a deposit ticket and be in a sealed envelope.

TooCOOL online e-commerce website for the collection of dues, entry fees, and sales of merchandise in stock can be established.  Debit and credit cards may be used on this site and is open to members and non-members for the collection of income.

The BOSO Office furnishes Deposit Slips for student organizations which can be obtained in the BOSO office, Krach Room 365.

General funds collected by the organization may NOT be used for cash payments of expenses. NO petty cash funds are allowed to be maintained by student organizations. 

The treasurer should deposit checks written to the student organization following University procedures for collecting cash/checks on a timely basis.  In general, money collected must be deposited in the BOSO office:

  • Daily if $1,000 or more has been collected;
  • When $1,000 has been accumulated from collection over a period of days in the same week; or
  • At least once a week if the amount collected is less than $1,000;
  • Daily, regardless of amount, if management determines appropriate or if security risks exist for the department i.e. inadequate overnight storage facilities, etc.

Student organizations checks and cash held for deposit longer than the normal deposit requirements increase the likelihood of theft, NSF or Account Closed returned check items.

Individuals whose checks are returned unpaid from a bank will be assessed a $25.00 handling fee.  Individuals are notified of these unpaid checks by Business Office for Student Organizations.  Students who fail to make payment on these checks within 10 days will have their academic records encumbered. 

If the treasurer/president holds a check payable to the student organization for a period of time greater than 30 days and a $25.00 handling fee results (account closed or NSF), the student organization’s account will be assessed the handling fee.

Student organization funds may not be used for the purchase of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or related expenses.

Student organization funds may not be used to purchase gift certificates/gift cards.

Student organization funds may not be used to purchase firearms or ammunition.

Payment requests are submitted online through COOL (Central Office On-Line), located on the My Purdue portal, under the “Student Services” then BOSO/COOL Online.