Past Fall Award Recipients

The Fall Undergraduate Research Expo began distributing awards to top presenters starting with the 2022 Fall Expo.


Research Talks

1st Place: Laboratory Screening of Sorghum Lines for Incompatibility, a Post-attachment Resistance Mechanism to the Parasitic Weed Striga hermonthica by Cameron Matthews
Mentors: Patrick Rich, Gebisa Ejeta, Adedayo Adeyanju, & Nathan Bowser

2nd Place: Anti-Pathogenic Activity of Concentrated Dairy Ingredients on Porcine Rotavirus by Chenhai Li
Mentors: Arun K Bhunia, Rishi Drolia, & Dongqi Liu  

3rd Place: Farmer Perspectives on Diversified Agriculture by Isabel Jensen
Mentor: Emily Usher  


1st Place: Quantifying the Abundance of Mannheimia haemolytica, Pasteurella multocida, Histophilus somni, and Mycoplasma bovis in Nasal Swab Samples of Beef Cattle with BRD by Erica Long
Mentors: Timothy Johnson & Eunice Centeno  

2nd Place: Feasiblity Study of a Composting Program at the Purdue Honors College Residence Hall by Michaela Fennell, Annie Johnson, & Celia Whisler
Mentor: Genell Ebbini  

3rd Place: Hypothyroidism as a Model for the Impact of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus Infection on Fetal Development by Caden Helfrich
Mentor: Alex Pasternak


Research Talks

1st Place: The Role of BIPOC Parents in Diversifying Children's Literature by Kayla Neal
Mentor: Christy Wessel-Powell  

2nd Place: A for Aristocracy, Not Effort: An Examination of Meritocracy and Legacy Admissions by Michaela Rice
Mentor: Amanda Case  


1st Place: Girls Excelling in Math and Science (GEMS) Clubs: Stories of the Original GEMS Girls by Meredith Chasse & Grace Gochnauer
Mentors: Jill Newton & Signe Kastberg  

2nd Place: Investigating Elementary Teachers’ Use of Mathematics Curriculum Materials by Jueqing Li
Mentor: Jill Newton  

3rd Place: Banned Books by Kendall Raley, Ashley Buening, Emerson Ladig, & Mark DeLeon
Mentor: Inna Abramova  


Research Talks

1st Place: Internet of Things and Digital Twinning with TENG devices by Conor McCarthy, Meghan Gron, Saichandana Pothireddy, Blake Ifitger, & Mihika Saxena
Mentor: Nachiket Vatkar  

2nd Place: Designing and Developing a Camera System for Automated Tree Measurement by Robert Stewart & Aidan Crowley
Mentor: Guofan Shao  

3rd Place: Online Databases of Geologic Formations of China, Indian Plate and Indochina, With Display onto Plate Reconstructions of the Asian Region for Any Phanerozoic Time Horizon by Sabrina Chang
Mentors: James Ogg, Aaron Ault, Wen Du, & Sabin Zahirovic


1st Place: INSERR: A Novel Search and Rescue ROV Design For Flooded Indoor Environments by Pou Hei Chan, Wei Teng Sin, & Lei Chon Weng
Mentors: Byung-Cheol Min & Pou Ut Chan  

2nd Place: Tree Positioning and Localization by Elbek Nazarov & Akshat Verma
Mentors: Guofan Shao & Keith Woeste

3rd Place: Triboelectric Nanosensors for Health Monitoring by Meghan Gron, Conor McCarthy, Saichandana Pothireddy, Blake Iftiger, Mihika Saxena, Hongyi Shen, & Adit Shah
Mentor: Nachiket Vatkar  


Research Talks

1st Place: Understanding the Menstrual Health Needs of People Experiencing Homelessness during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Lafayette, Indiana by Emma Schnolis, Jaclyn Frank, Emily Otten, & Anukriti Arora
Mentors: Andrea DeMaria, Rebecca Martinez, Natalia Rodriquez, & Risa Cromer

2nd Place: Examining the Correlation of Brownfield and Superfund Sites with Health Outcomes in Indiana at the Census Tract Level by Sharon Kulali
Mentor: Ellen Wells  

3rd Place: Understanding Young People’s Child Maltreatment Disclosure Experiences: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Family Violence Discussions on Social Media by Anneliese Williams & Amelia Williams
Mentor: Laura Schwab-Reese  


1st Place: The Impact of Cultural Congruity and Ethnic Identity on the Mental Health of Latinx Students by Britney Ramos
Mentors: David Rollock & Adilene Osnaya  

2nd Place: Investigating Attachment Styles and How Insecurities Manifest in Couple Interactions by Zoe Alexander
Mentor: Ximena Arriaga  

3rd Place: Development of an Impactor to Collect Pathogenic Bioaerosols by Nicholas Pecoraro & Anthony Bovenschen
Mentors: Jae Park, Subin Han, & Li Liao


Research Talks

1st Place: Linguistic Changes in Russian in Turbulent Times by Renee Forfa
Mentor: Olga Lyanda-Geller  

2nd Place: Laughter and Madness: The Comic Horror of Evil Dead II by David Gowan
Mentor: Elena Coda

3rd Place: English-Russian Philosophical Glossary for Aleksei Losev by Michael Linge
Mentor: Olga Lyanda-Geller  


1st Place: Addressing the Pakistani Refugee Crisis by Adyson Gregory
Mentors: Barbara Young & Hannah Bulow  

2nd Place: How Menstruators Use Technology to Track, Monitor, and Manage Menstruation by Isabel Cava, Megan Morley, & Dinah Waheed
Mentors: Andrea DeMaria, Fatimah Lawal, & Risa Cromer  

3rd Place: Weaving Warfare by Emma Hall
Mentor: Kathryn Brownell  

3rd Place: Intelligent Autonomous Scenery: Route Planning with Object Detection in Theatrical Environments by Mason Trenaman Jr., Shep Dick, Evan Holland, & Jack Filpi
Mentor: Richard Dionne


Research Talk

1st Place: Chromatin Remodeling Complexes in Androgen Deprivation Induced Neuroendocrine Prostate Cancer by Sam King
Mentors: Emily Dykhuizen, Surbhi Sood, & Sandra Ordonez  


1st Place: Change in Bird Population in Australia through Trap-Neuter-Return Polices by Maggie Dong
Mentor: Katie Jarriel  

2nd Place: The Role of Methylation in Regulating the Cellular Stress Response of Hsp31 by James Rooney & Jacob Lindsey
Mentor: Tony Hazbun  

3rd Place: The Role of Nuclear EGFR in Cancer Diseases by Nina Hawkins
Mentors: Jo Davisson, Tianqi Zhao, & Vallabh Suresh  


Research Talks

1st Place: Understanding the Freezing Properties of Lunar Particle Suspension Droplets by Mariana Aguilar, Katie Meves, & Valeria Garcia
Mentor: Alexandria Johnson  

2nd Place: “Sometimes I feel uglier than ever”: Influences on Internal and External Body Image by Alexandra Hughes, Maia Lynch, & Emily Otten
Mentor: Andrea DeMaria  

3rd Place: Macroscopic Resistance Measurement Of Vanadium Dioxide During Metal Insulator Phase Transition by Amit Rohan Rajapurohita
Mentor: Erica Carlson  


1st Place: Using Affordable Acoustic Recording Units to Understanding the Acoustic Community and its Relationship to Noise from Low Floying Airplane Engines by Conner Partaker, Josephine Haydock, Larkin Nickle, Lily Peck, Annabelle Pitt, Palak Prashant, & Nicholas Ryan
Mentor: Kristen Bellisario  

2nd Place: Drone Video by Vlada Volyanskaya, Ashvin Iyer, Colby Acton, Enze Jiang, Jinen Setpal, King Yang, Mustafa Albahrani, Nishant Nair, & Vinay Jagan
Mentors: Zichen Miao, Wei Zakharov, & Qiang Qiu  

3rd Place: Detection of Sub-Patent Plasmodium falciparum Infections in PfSPZ Vaccine Recipients and the Impact on Vaccine Efficacy by Mahesh Gupta
Mentors: Patrick Duffy, Irfan Zaidi, & Jill Neal


Research Talks

1st Place: Microfinancing and Entrepreneurship in Cocoa Refinement in Côte d’Ivoire by Erin Soro
Mentor: Colin Sullivan  

2nd Place: Blockchain: Protecting Against the Newest Trend in Financial Crime by Daniel Logan
Mentor: Paula Conroy

3rd Place: Tourism Insights: ESG in Lodging and Hospitality by Emily Cassanmagnago
Mentor: Jonathan Day  


1st Place: Designing Analytics Solutions To Solve The Right Business Objective by Sitong Chen
Mentor: Matthew Lanham  

2nd Place: Establishing Renewable Energy in Tippecanoe County, Indiana by James Grimm
Mentor: Katie Jarriel 


Research Talks

1st Place: Future of self-driving car: a blessing or a curse? by Amanda Huang
Mentor: Qian Wang  

2nd Place: Digitalizing Delphi: Educating Audiences Through Virtual Reconstruction by Kate Koury
Mentors: Katie Jarriel, George Takahashi, & Arne Flaten  

3rd Place: 3D Printed highly Sensitive Pressure Sensors by Mitesh Mylvaganan
Mentor: Sunghwan Lee  


1st Place: Recycling of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite for Compression Molding by FNU Archie, Harry Lee, & Jacob Montrose
Mentors: Garam Kim & Eduardo Barocio  

2nd Place: Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Recycled Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites Reinforcing Concrete by Caleb Mull, FNU Archie, & Harry Lee
Mentor: Garam Kim

3rd Place: Detecting and Identifying Cars based on Mobile Phone Images by Matthew Tolla, Soham Agarwal, Edison Liao, Marvin Lim, Yufeng Qian, Jordan Srinivasan, & Mejebi Uwatse
Mentors: Carla Zoltowski & Edward Delp  

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Research Talk

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