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Self-help Guides

Take charge of your wellness with these self-help guides. With easy to use tools and resources, you'll be able to improve your wellness habits and begin noticing a change in your lifestyle that suits your well-being needs. 

Steps To Leaps

Self-care can also be enhanced by others. Explore other Boilermakers' self-discovery stories on the Steps to Leaps site to see how they advocate for their holisitic well-being. 



Digital Well-being Self-help Guide

Learn how you can use technology to master productivity instead of falling into distraction. Starting relating to technology in a way that leaves you with a sense of peace and calm. Start using the guide now

Sleep Self-help Guide

This guide gives you insight into sleep hygiene, sleep habits, and sleep benefits. Start using the guide now!

Stress Self-help Guide

We all experience stress, but we do not have to be powerless in how we approach it. Use this guide to learn coping stills, set goals, and begin discovering your individual coping style. Start using the guide now!

Time Mangement Self-help Guide

Everyone needs help to conquer all we have to do. Use this guide to learn how to avoid time managment pitfalls and discover easy tools to organize a fast paced life. Start using the guide now