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Curious about how your drinking habits effect your overall health? Take this self-assessment to get personalized results and insights. 


Social Stats

The following statistics are from the 2019 Purdue Indiana College Substance Use Survey. New data are available every two years. 

  • Only 29.9% of Boilermakers reported binge drinking* in the past two weeks compared to 31.9% of Indiana college students. 
    • *Binge drinking was defined as four or more drinks in a row for females and five or more drinks in a row for males. 
  • Boilermakers reported typically consumung, on average, 3.3 drinks when they drink alcohol. 
  • 54.4% of Purdue students report drinking alcohol 0-2 times in the past month. 

Vaping and E-cigarettes

Vaping and other forms of e-cigarettes can contain nictotine and can be addicitive. Careful attention should be given to factory regulations for e-liquid and vaping devices. Explore the infographics below to see how vaping may impact your physical and finanical well-being. 

What is in a Vape

The Cost of Vaping