Boilers Supporting Boilers - Alcohol and Other Drugs

Explore simple tips about staying safe and responsible when choosing to drink, hosting parties, caring for self and others, and resources to turn to when needed. 


Knowing how your fellow Boilermakers choose to drink can influence how you fit in as well. Explore what Boilermakers have to say below. Join in helping make sure campus is safe and welcome by drinking in responsible ways. 

The following statistics are from the 2023 Purdue Indiana College Substance Use Survey. 

  • 68% of Boilermakers reported no binge drinking* in the past two weeks. 
    • *Binge drinking was defined as four or more drinks in a row for females and five or more drinks in a row for males within one sitting. 
  • Over half of Purdue students report drinking alcohol only 0-2 times in the past month.
To learn more about alcohol and your own body, take the eCHECKUP TO GO module to get personalized feedback, and explore more physical effects of alcohol here

Alcohol Law and Policy
  • In the state of Indiana, if you're under 21 years of age, you can be arrested for possessing, consuming or transporting alcohol. It's a Class C misdemeanor. If you're intoxicated in a public place AND (1) breaching the peace, (2) harassing, annoying or alarming another person OR (3) endangering your life or the life of another person, you can be arrested for Public Intoxication, a Class B misdemeanor.
  • University regulations generally prohibit the personal possession or use of alcoholic beverages in or on University property, regardless of the person's age.
  • Purdue's Medical Amnesty Policy creates a pathway for requesting emergency help for cases of intoxication where the intoxicated student, as well as the student(s) seeking medical attention on the intoxicated student's behalf, will be exempt from Disciplinary Sanctions related to alcohol consumption.
  • For a complete listing of university alcohol policy, see Purdue's alcohol and other drug policies.
Hosting a Safe Party

Make sure your guests arrive and leave safely by considering the following:

  • Have a pre-set guest list
  • Check IDs at entry
  • Have designated, sober hosts to monitor what's going on
  • Make sure you control the access to alcohol 

Under the law, you can be held responsible if you furnish alcohol to a person who then causes injury to another if:

  • the person who furnished the alcohol had actual knowledge that the intoxicated person was intoxicated at the time, or a minor, and
  • the intoxication was a "proximate" or foreseeable cause of the injuries.
For more tips on how to have a safe and fun party, see the tips from Student Legal Services. 
Alcohol and the Body
  • Most people know that alcohol is a depressant. This means the body's ability to interpret information, react, and make sober-minded decisions is hindered after consuming alcohol. 
  • Alcohol is a diruetic, meaning it causes an increased amount of water to be expelled from the body. It is important to remain hydrated if consuming alcohol. 
  • While no one food will stop alcohol from being absorbed in the body, food can help regulate the speed at which alcohol enters the bloodstream. When choosing to drink, also choose to eat food or snacks. 
Supporting Others - Substance Use and Mental Health

Talking with Others

  • Avoid shaming someone's actions. 
  • Realize substance use may be a form of coping. 
  • Avoid labels such as "alcoholic"
  • Express your concerns and be direct, but not overbearing or authoritative. 
  • Listen to how they are feeling and offer understanding statements. 
  • Use these tips provided by CAPS when talking to someone about their substance use.

Consider Yourself when Caring for Others

  • Realize when a situation is out of your expertise and seek help.
  • When offering support, don't burn yourself out.
  • Never blame yourself for another's actions.
  • Don't assume sole responsibility for another. Purdue is here to help. 
  • You are not a bad friend for seeking care on behalf of someone else. 

Campus Resources and Support

  • If you or someone you may know would benefit from support concerning alcohol or substance use, Purdue's Counseling and Psychological Services offers assessments and different support options. 
  • You can submit a Student of Concern Report to request help for yourself or others. You can submit this request anonymously if you choose. You should always call 911 for medical emergencies.

Vaping and E-cigarettes 

  • 83% of students report never using a vape in the past year. 
  • If you choose to vape, know that nicotine, in any form, can be addictive. 

Before You Vape
  • If choosing to vape, only pods, e-liquids, and vapes that meet FDA regulations should be used. 
  • Avoid mixing your own e-liquid, as it may introduce you to unintended chemicals once heated by the vape and inhaled. 
  • Avoid sharing a vape with others to reduce the spread of diseases and germs.
Financial Cost of Vaping
  • With the average cost of vape pods or refills being around $8, it would cost approximately $1,500 to vape four pods per week for one year. 
    • That's around 200 Jimmy John sandwhichs!
    • Or enough to pay for all major streaming services for an entire year!


In the state of Indiana, the purchase, distribution, and use of marijuana is generally prohibited by law. 

The use, possession, or distribution of "medical marijuana" in Purdue University residence halls, on other areas of the Purdue University campus, or otherwise is also prohibited even in the instance where the "medical marijuana" was legally prescribed in another state and/or country.