Purdue RecWell Outdoor Master Plan

Project Overview 

The Purdue RecWell Outdoor Space Master Plan will provide a framework exploring opportunities regarding outdoor recreation and wellness facilities. The process includes an analysis of programming and potential development sites to develop a strategy that meets current and future recreation, health and wellness needs. The Plan will include a needs assessment and utilization analysis of existing outdoor facilities. Student and user group input will be incorporated through the process to guide the master planning team.

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Task Forces 

Purdue Recreation & Wellness has identified four task forces to support the Master Plan effort by taking a detailed look into their respective focus areas from the viewpoint of each member’s personal perspective and understanding of the subject. Task force members will help to guide the development of the Master Plan and review recommendations to provide input related to the defined focus of the group.

 social-wellness-focus-groups.png    health-wellness-focus-groups.png 

 facilities-safety-focus-groups.png    social-wellness-focus-groups.png 



Project Schedule 


The timeline for the Purdue RecWell Outdoor Master Plan began in August of 2022. The discovery phase will span from August through early October 2022. The first campus visit will occur in mid-September. The visioning phase will occur between early October through the latter part of November with the second campus visit happening mid-November. The master plan phase will run from late November through the end of February with the final campus visit happening in mid-January of 2023 and the final report due at the end of February 2023.