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Split Charity Events

A student organization may conduct solicitations on behalf of qualified charitable organizations ONLY AFTER the Activity Form has been submitted and approved. The activity, solicitation and disbursement of funds must adhere to the University’s Charity Policy and financial procedures as outlined by BOSO.

University Regulations Section 4: Student Organizations D weblink:

Split charity events which may be defined as a certain percentage split of net proceeds between the student organization and charity has been approved.  The following stipulations for a split charity would include the following:

  • The charity must receive at least 50% of net proceeds.
  • The sponsoring organization must clearly advertise the manner in which the charity will be receiving funds, subject to approval by SAO.
  • A written acknowledgement and approval of the split proceeds by the charity organization representative must be received by SAO prior to approval of the Activity form.  The approval by the charity and the percentage of the split must be noted on the Activity form.
  • Fraternities, sororities and cooperative housing organizations that do not maintain accounts with BOSO must give their portion of net proceeds to their respective governing council (i.e., Interfraternity Council, PanHellenic Association, Purdue Cooperative Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council and Multi-Cultural Greek Council).

See Forms for an example of the Non-Profit Agency letter.