Business Office for Student Organizations Krach Leadership Center - Room 365


A student organization may provide prizes for activities such as judged contests, organized athletic events and games of skill.  The Activity Form will explain the event/activity and the types and approximate value of prizes to be awarded.

The Prizes Form is required for payment processing.

  1. Prizes that are tangible items such as DVD’s, CD’s, etc:  Tangible prizes require an IRS W-9 form  if the single item value is $101.00 or more in value.  The completed form should be completed and signed by the prize recipient and physincally delivered or mailed to BOSO at Krach Room 365.  The form must be received by BOSO in order for the check to be processed. 

  2. Prizes awarded in any monetary amount: The Prizes Form requires the names of  athe winners and dollar amount to be awarded.  Monetary prizes for winners require completed IRS W-9  form. The form should be completed and signed by the prize receipent and physically delivered, US Mailed, or faxed (765-496-2208) to BOSO.  The form must be received by BOSO in order for the payment to the winner to be processed. International students may be required to complete information on the Tax Department’s Glacier Reporting System.  In these cases the checks will be issued directly from Purdue Accounts Payable Department not BOSO.

  3. Students may be subject to reduced financial aid if they accept an Award, Prize or Gift for appreciation or recognition from a college, school, department, office or other unit of the University.  Be sure to check with the recipient prior to making the award distribution.

  4. Prizes of $2,501.00 or more must be routed to the University Comptroller for approval.

Plaques and trophies may also be given as awards of recognition in contests and tournaments.  The Prizes Form is not required if only plaques and trophies are being awarded.