Business Office for Student Organizations Krach Leadership Center - Room 365

Expenditure Procedures

Payments from student organization accounts are processed using the student organization check writing system.  Data entry of expenditure information will be processed into the system that will produce the computer generated checks.  Payment requests received through COOL will be ready for pick-up or mailed in two (2) business days.

Payment requests are submitted online through COOL, My Purdue portal, under the “Student Services” then BOSO/COOL Online. The original payment receipts or invoices which support the payment request should be scanned and attached online to the payment request.

  1. The payment request is submitted by the president, treasurer or advisor.  There are two types of payments: Reimbursement to an individual; and payment directly to a vendor for goods and/or services. The payment request is approved by the submitting officer (president, treasurer or advisor) as long as they are not paying themselves.  (See #4)

  2. The State of Indiana Unclaimed Property Law requires a complete U.S. mailing address on each payment request. The complete address includes apartment number or letter.  US Postal Service will NOT deliver mail to an apartment complex without the apartment number or letter.

  3. Insure that the account number selected (club may have more than one account; i.e.: SOGA, Reserve) is correct; expense codes, appropriate supporting documentation (itemized receipt or invoice from vendor) are attached.  Once reviewed the officer entering the request will submit the payment request. Submit the payment request after checking “email notification to officers” which will generate an email notifying the other officers of a pending payment request that may need their approval.

  4. If one of the 3 authorized officers (president, treasurer or advisor) is seeking a reimbursement on a payment request, the officer to be reimbursed cannot authorize their own payment.  A second officer online approval will be needed.

  5. If the original receipt or invoice is lost or was not provided by the vendor, a completed lost receipt affidavit is required to verify purchase.

  6. Supporting documentation - Detailed receipts or invoices must be scanned and submitted with your online payment request.  You may use your smart phone to photograph the itemized receipt & credit card authorization approving the payment which may include the tip of maximum 20%.  Be sure the photo of the receipt can be clearly read.

  7. The BOSO staff will audit the online payment request for final approval.

  8. The officers have the option to have the check held for pickup or mailed directly to the payee to their US Mail address or to their residence hall.


If a student organization check requires a stop payment, a fee of $30.00 is assessed by the bank and charged to the student organization.  If a check needs to be voided, please return the check to BOSO.

Destroying a check will NOT return the funds to the club account.