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Under NO circumstances are student organization members, officers, advisors or non-BOSO departmental or office staff or faculty authorized to sign contracts or any type of agreements for services, products, fundraising or rentals for student organizations.

All contracts for performers, speakers, coaches and instructors, or other service providers, venue/facility and equipment rentals, licenses, fundraising and sponsorship must be reviewed and signed by BOSO prior to incurring the obligation for these services, rentals, products, or activities.  Some businesses and individuals will have their own contract.  The contract received should be forwarded with the email it was received on directly to BOSO for processing upon receipt.  Contact information should be included within the email to BOSO that designates who has the authority to amend and sign the contract by the contracted party.  An IRS Form W-9 is required from the payee which will include the tax id and signature of the payee.  The payee IRS Form W-9 should be emailed to BOSO,  The contract should also be uploaded in the Activity Planning Form on BoilerLink. Service providers who file their taxes as individuals using their social security number as a tax id must complete a Purdue Substitute W-9 and a Payee Certification form.

BOSO's Contracts Administrator, the University's Contracting Group, Risk Management and other departments might be involved in reviewing and approving the contract which may require additional time.

Many service contracts for honorarium to a speaker, guest lecturer, instructor/coach, referee, DJ, photographer or various other service providers will be prepared by BOSO. In order to initiate the contracting process for service providers who do not have their own contract, the student organization needs to complete a contract worksheet, located here. The contract worksheet should be completed by student organization members and not the service provider. Upon completion, the contract worksheet should be submitted to BOSO via email so the Contracts Administrator can draft the agreement and send it to the service provider for signature.  If a service contract is sent to the organization, BOSO will amend and sign the agreement. The contract or contract worksheet must be submitted to BOSO in a timely fashion well in advance of the event in order to give the Contracts Administrator adequate time to complete the contracting process. Contracts are required even if the service provider is only receiving reimbursement for travel expenses or the student organization is paying for the service provider's travel. In most cases, a service contract will be required even if the service provider is not being compensated for travel or through honorarium if the service provider is not currently a Purdue student, staff or faculty member or unless they are not physically coming to campus.

Contract worksheets must be completed for all current Purdue student, staff or faculty members receiving compensation for services so that a Purdue Substitute W-9 and Payee Certification can be sent to those individuals before the event takes place. Due to federal regulations governing payment to international individuals, some individuals with certain visas cannot be reimbursed or receive honorarium.

International speakers/guests, etc.: If a student organization plans to invite an international speaker, performer or other service provider to their event, they should provide BOSO with the service provider's contract or a contract worksheet for that individual at least 4 weeks in advance of the event. International service providers or agents must complete a Glacier profile and submit all necessary documents through Glacier before they can be paid. BOSO will provide the speaker/guest access to the Tax Department's Glacier Reporting system for completion of the required tax documents. Payment to an international service provider is typically significantly delayed due to extra steps required to pay this type of individual.

Payments for contracted services (US or International) may only be paid by Purdue University directly.

Contracts from vendors/presenters should be submitted for approval at least two weeks or more, prior to the event or activity.  Failure to submit detailed information for the contract may result in denial of event/activity.

A Supporter Agreement must be completed if the student organization will be receiving financial support from an outside source.  The “Student Organization Supporter Agreement” as developed by Contracting is available for the organizations use.