Business Office for Student Organizations Krach Leadership Center - Room 365


Under NO circumstances are student members or officers authorized to sign contracts or any type of agreements for services requested by student organizations.

All contracts for Entertainment Groups, Rental Agreements, Professional Speakers or other services obtained for student organization functions must be approved by BOSO prior to incurring the obligation for these services.  A majority of businesses and individuals will have their own contract.  The contract received should be forwarded with the email it was received on directly to BOSO for processing upon receipt.  Contact information should be included within the email to BOSO that designates who has the authority to amend and sign the contract by the contracted party.  An IRS Form W-9 is required from the payee which will include the tax id and signature of the payee.  The payee IRS Form W-9 should be faxed directly to BOSO 765-496-2208.  The contract should also be uploaded in the Activity form on BoilerLink. 

University Contracting Group, Risk Management and other departments will be involved in reviewing and approving the contract which may require additional time.

Service Contracts for honorarium to a speaker, guest lecturer, instructor, referees, DJ’s, & various service providers will be prepared by BOSO. The contract worksheet is located on the BOSO website. This will need to be completed and submitted to BOSO in order to prepare the contract.  If a service contract is sent to the organization BOSO will amend and sign the agreement.   

International speakers/guests, etc.: A contract will be prepared by BOSO or University contracting group at least four (4) weeks prior to their arrival.  An email address of the speaker/guest is required to be submitted to BOSO.  BOSO will provide the speaker/guest access to the Tax Departments Glacier Reporting system for completion of the required tax documents.

Payments for contracted services (US or International) may only be paid by Purdue Universit directly.

Contracts from vendors/presenters should be submitted for approval at least two weeks or more, prior to the event or activity.  Failure to submit detailed information for the contract may result in denial of event/activity.

Supporter Agreements: Financial support from an outside source.  The “Student Organization Supporter Agreement” as developed by Contracting is available for the organizations use.