Cognos Usage Information

Cognos Usage is captured by an audit database within the Cognos environment.  The BICC has provided reports and dashboards with information including report usage and adoption, user trends with reporting and data, and usage dates and times. 

Accessing Standard Cognos Usage Reports and Dashboards

How do I get access to standard Cognos Usage Reports in Cognos and Tableau Dashboards?

  • If you have not already done so, first talk to your supervisor and discuss your need to access the Cognos Usage Data and how you will be using it for your department.
  • Follow the process outlined in the Boiler Insight Users Manual for your supervisor to request access to the data.  Usage data security roles require:
    • The BI Data IT Level 1
    • Cognos tool license

Cognos Usage Standard Reports

  • Standard Cognos reports and Tableau dashboards have been created for user consumption. The reports and dashboards have the proper filters and groupings for ease of use and knowledge of the data. If users prefer to author their own reports, please study the Cognos Usage Data Users Guide BEFORE attempting to use the data. The guide covers the package data, required and suggested filters, grouping codes, and descriptions of the data included in the packages for both Cognos and Tableau reporting.

Cognos Usage Data Cognos Report

Cognos Usage Data Tableau Dashboard

Please contact with any questions regarding Cognos Usage data.