Cognos Videos

Users consuming data from enterprise resources use Cognos as their main reporting tool for operational data. These videos are designed as both training tools, report training, and reference guides for individuals in the reporting environment. The videos listed below are based on user roles and licensing. 

Using MotioCI within Cognos

Recover an Older Version of a Report

This video demonstrates how to revert to an older version of a Cognos report. MotioCI relieves you from needing to save multiple versions. Cognos users can now revert back to a previous version.

Restoring a Deleted Report

This video demonstrates how to restore a deleted Cognos report or folder. Cognos users can now recover deleted reports and folders.

Creating a Cognos Schedule

How to Create a Cognos Schedule

Demonstration on creating a Cognos schedule, including creating a report view and setting prompt selections.

Cognos Analytics Authoring

Completion of COG 101 is required. Cognos Analytics Authoring offers report authoring capabilities including advanced formatting and filtering, prompt generation, and paging controls.  This tool allows for a robust experience in data handling and report construction.

Videos are to be watched sequentially - total run time is under 2 hours


Authoring (1)  - Introduction to basic authoring features - Run Time 10:57

Authoring (2) - Beginning steps on creating a report, bringing in data, and introducing the properties panel - Run Time 17:52

Authoring (3) - Explanation of templates and additional details pertaining to the properties panel - Run Time 16:34

Authoring (4) - Introduction to filters and toolbar options - Run Time 21:00

Authoring (5) - Creating prompts, prompt pages, and parameters - Run Time 25:03

Authoring (6) - Create a Crosstab report and review Cognos authoring resources - Run Time 10:35