Student Data Training

These courses are for Purdue staff who use Cognos student data reporting. This includes data about current and past students, at the individual and summary levels. Admissions, demographics, courses, grades, transcripts, retention and graduation, degrees and instructional activity are among the topics covered.

STU 101 - Student Data for Cognos New Consumers

STU 101 - Student Data for Cognos New Consumers Manual

Introduction to working with the student data and standard content reports available through the Cognos portal for any licensed and authorized user. This introductory class requires basic familiarity with COG101 Cognos Analytics Navigation. It does not address using the software for report authoring. You must have a Cognos Consumer or Author license to participate. This class is hands-on and offered in a computer lab. You will learn to run standard content reports to answer real student data questions. Individual questions and feedback on existing reports are welcome during all class sessions. Register here.

Instructional Activity Data Mart

Instructional Activity Training Document

The Instructional Activity Data Mart is designed to provide data analysts and report writers an integrated dataset of all course offerings with registered students and associated instructor Human Resource (HR) data. The purpose is to provide the ability to query instructional activity by course offering department, the department providing funding for the instructor, or the department in which the instructor is employed. Instructional Activity is a measure of teaching load as determined by the number of student credit hours, number of sections or the enrollment in a course taught by an instructor.

The training document includes the process to request access. For additional information regarding the data mart, please contact Institutional Data Analytics & Assessment (IDA+A) at