The BICC consists of two components, the formal organization within IT and the BI community members from across the campuses.  The BICC team within central IT is responsible for getting data into the environment and making it available.  To learn more about the BICC's role in the BI Community, see the BI Governance page.  The BI Community consisting of the subject matter experts, trainers, and analysts working across many different units is responsible for the creation of the BI content as well as data and business process expertise.  The overlap shows that these two groups work very closely together. This collaboration is needed to ensure that business intelligence provides the most value to the University.

The BI community plays a continuous role in leading an integrated approach across all BI projects.  Functional manager support of this commitment is critical.  There is great value in having the community engaged not only as part of specific BI projects, but also in the ongoing support and evolution of BI in general. 

Major roles within the BI community include subject area leads, business analysts, data trainers, content authors (reports, dashboards), and stewards of the data.  These members provide the business expertise to ensure a common, trusted view of the data leading to a deeper understanding, which contributes to better decision-making. They provide services that bridge integration across subject areas by the use of common definitions, best practices and standards. They ensure that changing data needs and trends within higher education and at Purdue are understood. 

One major component of the BICC community is the BI Advisory Committee, formed in June 2013 and includes representation from all campuses. It is part of the governance structure, providing input to the Executive Data Council. A number of other BI-related committees also focus on specific areas of BI at Purdue. 

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